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6 Tips for Working Better While Traveling

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6 Tips for Working Better While Traveling

The days when working on the computer meant being tied to a large desktop machine are over. Today, all sorts of gadgets allow us to be online and connected almost wherever we are. This is a boon for businesses, because employees aren’t dependent on being in the office to get work done. There are some problems and annoyances that crop up with remote working though. Here are some tips to help you optimize working while you’re traveling.

Wi-Fi Access

It’s not hard to find free or cheap Wi-Fi in public places these day, but it’s often not great. You get what you pay (or don’t pay) for. A well-known problem is hotel Wi-Fi in hotels. If you’re lucky it will be free, or you might have to pay a daily charge. That doesn’t mean that when you get online you’ll have a good connection. It’s common to discover that the connection is slow and unstable.
There is a solution to this, so you can have hassle-free internet connection from anywhere for remote working. A smartphone does what’s needed, but you may need a bigger screen to work on. You can tether your smartphone to a tablet or you can consider a Mifi device. Mifi devices are mobile broadband routers that use 3G, 4G or 5G mobile phone networks to create a mini broadband hotspot, so you can use your own bandwidth.

The Pomodoro Technique

Lots of people swear by this time management technique, which uses a kitchen timer. You work at full focus on the tasks at hand for twenty-five minutes and then take a five minute break. Check out for more information.

Make Sure You’re Properly Equipped

If all the files and apps you need are stored in the cloud then you should be fine when remote working. If not, make sure you’ve got all the software and documents you need before you go. If you normally rely on connecting to the office to access key files online, take copies with you in case you can’t connect.

Use Your Email Autoresponder

When you’re on the road you might not be able to respond to emails as quickly as you usually do. Use your email autoresponder to let people know that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible, but there might be some delay. It will take the pressure off you and reassure your customers that you’re not just ignoring them. Your time might be tight when traveling, and an autoresponder gives you a bit of leeway to temporarily postpone replying to less urgent communications.

Network When You Can

If you’re traveling to a conference or trade event, don’t try to do all your normal work as if you were still in the office. Make the most of networking opportunities and the chance to make valuable contacts for your business.

Take Time to Unwind

Traveling can be challenging and stressful and if you’re wound up your work will probably suffer. Don’t lock yourself up in your hotel room. Make the most of it if you find yourself in a nice location. Spend a bit of time by the pool or take a walk in new surroundings. You’ll be more refreshed and more productive as a result.

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