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5 Tips for Saving Money on your IT

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5 Tips for Saving Money on your IT

Who wouldn’t want to save money on their technology spending? There’s no point in wasting your hard-earned cash. The trick is to make sure you don’t cut too many corners. This can lead to ongoing problems with your IT in the longer term, including downtime that creates frustration and loss of productivity. How do you cut costs without creating new problems? Here are some tips.

1. When New Technology is the Best Choice

Are you experiencing problems with an older PC? It costs more to run older hardware and sometimes the cost-effective solution is to just replace it. There’s no point in regularly spending money on a machine that might be on the way out anyway. A new computer will probably be faster and more efficient or, if you’re on a strict budget, you can consider buying a refurbished one.

2. Energy Efficiency to Save Money

You can reduce your energy bill by cutting the amount of energy your computers use. Are you still using old-style cathode ray tube monitors? Switching to LCD monitors can make a big difference. Other small and simple measures can also help a lot. Your organization should have policies in place to ensure energy efficiency. Simply turning off monitors when not in use and either turning workstations off or putting them into sleep mode at night can cut your costs.

3. Avoid Dealing with Vendors

You don’t want your staff to spend time sitting on the phone to PC vendors and manufacturers when problems crop up. You can end up wasting time and going round in circles with vendor support services. At Quikteks we build relationships with vendors that help us to speed the process up. Problems get fixed speedily and your staff don’t spend frustrating hours trying to sort out IT issues.

4. You Don’t Have to Pay Your Phone Bill

We’re not suggesting you default on payments owed to your phone company. We’re saying that you can save a lot by switching to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution. You could save up to 80% on your phone bill so you’ll quickly make up for the initial outlay. You’ll also find VoIP systems with lots of additional features that are free, unlike the cost of extra services with the phone companies.

5. Be Proactive

With proactive maintenance you can prevent most common IT problems. At Quikteks that’s what we do. Instead of fixing problems when they arise, our monitoring and maintenance keeps your IT system running smoothly. For more information give us a call at (973) 882-4644.

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