Hackers, computer viruses, and even careless employees are all threats to your company’s most sensitive data. Here are 8 best practices your company should implement asap for protection.

1. Back Up Your Data

A good backup solution is a great way to prevent data loss. If your network goes down, a restore from your most recent backup can save your business. Without a backup solution, you’re in a fix. Back up your data at least daily, hourly, or in real time. Or, with the Quikteks Backup Solution

2. Assign Proper User Controls or Permissions

Make sure only the appropriate users have permission to access sensitive data. Unnecessary access points make your system more vulnerable to hackers.

3. Develop a Security Policy

Develop a clear policy that addresses and instructs how to secure new devices, so that all employees know exactly what to do before connecting a new device to the company network.

4. Train Your Staff

Most phishing attacks are preventable through basic employee education. Educate your employees on appropriate password management, phishing tactics, and other common security practices, and you’ll eliminate most of your problems.

5. Integrate Spam Filtering

In addition to educating your employees. use anti-spam solutions that catch and eliminate spam, phishing attempts, and suspicious messages that arrive via email.

6. Use Strong Passwords

Use completely random strings of text, numbers, and symbols. Password managers are very helpful with these. But just for fun, an easy way to memorize complex passwords is to use the first letter of each word in a memorable quote.

7. Encrypt Your Data

Data encryption ensures that if your computer, a USB drive, or a hard disk is stolen, the data is indecipherable to anyone without a key.

8. Schedule A Free Security Consultation

Call Quikteks Tech Support at (973) 882-4644 to schedule your free security consultation. We’ll explore your entire system, including your network, individual workstations, cloud systems, and mobile devices to identify vulnerabilities.