Small businesses have enjoyed huge benefits by taking advantage of Voice over IP phone systems (VoIP), which have revolutionized communications. VoIP works by using the internet, rather than conventional phone lines. These are some of the bonuses that businesses can expect when they switch to VoIP from their standard telephone system.

VoIP Offers Huge Savings

Who doesn’t like saving money? With Voice over IP your calls are massively cheaper, whether you’re calling locally, long distance or even internationally. Phone bills can be reduced by as much as fifty percent, or even 70% for some users. For businesses with premises in different locations, where calls between them count as long distance, the costs of these calls can fall away entirely. You may think your phone bill isn’t a huge part of your businesses expenses, but cut the monthly bill in half and multiply it by twelve. It could be a more considerable saving than you think.

VoIP Works Almost Everywhere

Flexibility is one of the coolest things about VoIP systems. Do your employees need to work from home for a while? Are your staff attending events in other locations? Communications are a key part of successful business operations. With VoIP phones, they can work effectively from their hotel room. They can easily get connected via Ethernet or the USB port on a laptop. All you need is an internet connection and it works as well as if you’re in the office. Everything you need to do, whether it’s making or receiving calls or checking voicemail, is at your fingertips.

VoIP Scores on Scalability

If you’ve had to deal with an expanding business and additional staff then you’ll know the costs can be considerable. Because Voice over IP phones work via Ethernet or a USB port, or you can buy Wi-Fi capable phones, you don’t have to install separate phone lines for additional staff or if you’re using additional locations that require a phone. It’s quick, simple and inexpensive if you’re taking on more employees.

Do you need to improve your existing phone system? Would you like to save money in the longer term? Quikteks can advise on Voice over IP solutions to suit the communications needs of your business. Call us for assistance on (973) 882-4644.

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