At Quikteks we specialize in delivering high quality technology solutions to our customers. It’s hard work to find the right solutions for our customers’ precise needs, but the IT professionals at Quikteks are dedicated to doing exactly that. We aspire to what we call ‘Legendary Customer Service’, and our staff are trained to move mountains to deliver it. Yes, we fix computers, but our solutions-oriented approach to service is a whole lot bigger than that.

You could think of us as your Swiss Army knife in the field of business technology. A Swiss Army knife is more than just a pocket knife. It’s a tool that can do all sorts of things by folding out the right piece for the task at hand. The versatility and quality of the Swiss Army Knife means that it has millions of dedicated fans.

Quikteks is your business technology solutions Swiss Army Knife. We mainly offer proactive maintenance of computer systems, and a scalable, optimized network platform. This aspect of our services is like the big blade in the Swiss Army Knife – the sharp knife that’s used most often. But we offer so much more. Here are six more business technology solutions that we supply:

Engineering and Projects

Quikteks can design and set up your new business technology platform and install your whole network infrastructure. We will deliver that on budget and on time.

Business Tech Reviews

At Quikteks, we take careful planning very seriously. We conduct regular business technology reviews to that we can make sure that all your IT needs are met and that you can access the best and most affordable technology solutions for your organization.

IT Roadmaps

We don’t just look at your immediate needs. Our professional consulting services involve working closely with your team to look ahead, so that we can provide flexible and effective IT solutions to serve your business as it grows.

Profit Generator

At Quikteks, we’re constantly assessing and evaluating new technology as it appears. We’re always looking out for new tools that can enhance productivity and client-employee utilization rates. Are you considering new vertical market software? You can discuss your requirements with us. We make sure that we’re conversant with the very latest developments in business technology, so we can provide our clients with the best profit-boosting IT solutions out there.

Vendor Management

Quikteks can manage relationships with your technology vendors on your behalf. Similar to a technology general contractor, we liaise with vendors to supply and repair your technology. Because we can ‘talk tech’ to each other, we can smooth and speed up the procurement and repair processes.

Hands-on Quality Control

We don’t do things in the abstract. We test a technology in our lab before we recommend it to a client. This way we can guarantee that the solutions we provide are high-quality and reliable.

The great thing about a pocket knife is that it offers all the tools you need. Think how inconvenient it would be if you had to carry around two knives, an awl, screwdrivers, a corkscrew and bottle-opener, and more. It would just be too cumbersome. Think of Quikteks as your all-in-one toolset for business technology solutions. With our services, we can save you time and money by eliminating the need for you to deal with multiple vendors and suppliers.

To learn more about the technology services we offer, call us at (973) 882-4644. One of our IT professionals will be happy to assist you with your questions.

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Discover the essential insights to safeguard your business from failure and gain invaluable knowledge, expert advice, and proven strategies that every business owner must know.