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5 Tech Upgrades Can Improve Your Business

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5 Tech Upgrades Can Improve Your Business

b2ap3_thumbnail_b2ap3_thumbnail_TechUpgrades_20130726-140743_1.jpgYour business uses technology to be more productive and increase daily efficiency. Simple upgrades such as increasing your Internet connection speed can yield incredible results for your company. Listed below are just a few ways tech upgrades can help streamline daily operations and help take your business to the next level.

1) Invest in Cloud Storage Servers

 Storing your data on a cloud server allows anyone in your company to have access to your information wherever they are. Additionally, they allow you to protect your data because the servers can never be destroyed or hacked if secured properly. Granting access from any location lessens the need for employees to be based in the office everyday and allows for mobility. Cloud servers can cut down operating costs that a start-up or new business could use elsewhere.

2) Improve Your Wi-Fi Connection

While many people may believe their Wi-Fi connection is fast enough already, chances are it can be improved. Today’s routers offer multiple channels, the ability to connect easily with smart devices and offer advanced security features. With multiple channels, you can have one employee downloading a large file while another employee uploads a training video without any delay.

3) Get More Done With Docking Stations

Do you want to get more out of the technology that you currently have? You can do exactly that with a docking station. When you dock your smartphone, you can use Skype to have a face-to-face meeting with a client, your boss or another team member. This capability is also available with your tablet and many other devices.

4) Offer Multiple Monitors to Employees

If your daily operations require you to use multiple applications at the same time, why not invest in multiple monitors? Instead of wasting time flipping between programs, your workers can have one monitor dedicated to each program in use. Moving from monitor to monitor is ideal when working on a large project with multiple moving parts that need to be completed at the same time.

5) Take the RAM by the Horns

Increasing the amount of available RAM on your computer will free up more virtual memory and help your machine run faster. This allows you to have additional browsing tabs open, send larger files and download programs without experiencing slow loading times or freezing. The best part is that RAM is relatively inexpensive to buy. Small businesses will benefit most from this upgrade.

Simple technology upgrades make it easy for your business to increase productivity. If you need help implementing any of the upgrades listed above, one of our professionals can be brought in to assist with all of your IT needs.

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