There are few businesses today that don’t rely on computers to manage their operations but, in spite of all the benefits, maintaining an IT infrastructure can be challenging. Managed IT services are an affordable way to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly. Here are five IT practices that our IT services are founded upon, and that underpin the ways we can boost your company’s efficiency.

1. Scheduled Maintenance

Both hardware and software need maintenance on a regular basis. On the hardware side, every hard drive in your computers and servers needs to be checked. Software maintenance includes regular virus scanning and defragging. This will prolong the life of your IT equipment and make sure that optimal speed and performance is maintained.

2. Security and Updates

Keeping on top of software updates is essential to make sure that your network is secure from malware and viruses. You should always be utilizing the latest version of all the software on your network and new security patches should be installed as speedily as possible. Solid network security depends on plugging any security gaps that hackers can take advantage of, as soon as you can.

3. Network Mapping

To manage your network efficiently you will benefit from having an up-to-date network diagram and detailed plans for how it will be expanded as your business goes forward. A network diagram or map is a key tool in this respect. Keeping it updated when you add new elements to your system can be a chore but the work involved will pay off down the line if you need to implement new solutions or have to make a repair if a component fails.

4. Network Device Tracking and Custom Reporting

As well as knowing what’s where on your network, you also need to be able to track resource usage and network performance. An important element is an interface so that users can report any problems that arise. If you track accurately and have a reporting system then it’s easier to isolate malfunctioning devices and fix or replace them, so your network performance isn’t reduced. This type of reporting can also be helpful in other ways. If an employee is struggling, or using the network incorrectly, then management can implement the necessary training to boost productivity.

5. Keeping Software Licenses Current

If you’re an expanding business and have taken on extra staff, then you should be aware of how this growth might affect the licensing agreement of your software. Your business probably depends on this software to keep going. Business software is often only licensed for a given number of workstations or users. This is easy to forget about, especially when you’re deeply involved in meeting the demands of your organization. It can be costly and disruptive if you omit to keep on top of your software licensing. It’s also important to know when software licenses expire, so you can renew them in good time.

It all adds to your existing workload, but these things have to be done if you want to optimize your network and make sure it’s functioning properly. The great thing about managed IT services from Quikteks is that we’ll do it all! Software maintenance and managing licensing agreements, virus scanning, applying security patches and network performance tracking can all be done remotely. These services are all covered by your Managed Service Agreement and we’ll oversee it all for you.

Who doesn’t like reducing the number of things on their to-do list? We’ll lighten your workload so you can get on with your primary job – growing your business. Call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644 for more information about our managed services and what they can do for you.

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