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5 Important IT Practices

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5  Important IT Practices


Managed IT services are designed to be an affordable solution to keep a company’s IT infrastructure running smoothly and increase employee utilization. To help you better understand how managed IT services can make your business more efficient, let’s look at five IT practices that our IT services are founded upon.



Regular Scheduled Maintenance
Your computer network is made up of both hardware and software that requires regular maintenance. With hardware, attention needs to be given to make sure that every hard drive in every PC and server is in good working order. On the software side of your network, regular scheduled tasks need to be performed like defragging, and scanning for viruses. Staying on top of maintenance will prolong your technology’s usability and increase your computer’s speed and  performance.

Security Patches and Software Updates
Network security threats like viruses and other malware demand that you be serious about staying current on your software updates. This means making sure that you’re running the latest version of every program on your network and downloading and installing new security patches. Software updates are designed to close the door on the latest security threats; therefore, staying current with your systems updates and patches is critical to running a safe, secure, and productive network.

Documentation and Mapping Out Your Network Resources
The most efficient way to manage your network is by having detailed expansion plans and keeping an up to date network diagram. Mapping out your entire system and regularly updating the diagram with every addition may seem like a big project, but when it comes time to make a repair or implement a new solution, your detailed network diagram will make for a quick repair and allow you find a solution that meets your exact technology needs.

Custom Reporting and Tracking Troublesome Network Devices
You need to have a system in place that allows you to track the performance of your network and all of its resources. Having a system in that allows users to have access to an interface to report problems is critical to business success. With accurate tracking and reporting, you can segregate troublesome devices and replace them to increase network performance by taking care of the weakest links in the system.  This type of reporting doesn’t only apply to hardware but can also help management teams spot training deficiencies in employees and get them the necessary training to be more productive.

Keeping Current with Your Software’s Licensing
One thing you need to consider when it comes time to expand your business is how adding additional employees will affect your software’s licensing agreement. The applications your business depends on may only be licensed for a certain number of users or workstations. It’s easy to overlook the licensing requirements when it comes time to expand because you are in a pinch to get a project done quickly. Forgetting to check your software’s licensing and expanding beyond your licensing agreement can be a very costly mistake. You will also want to keep track of when your software licenses expire and renew maintenance before expensive past dues fees kick in.

All of these practices are necessary to keep your company’s network running optimally. It may seem a little overwhelming to add all of this to your routine, but the great thing about managed IT services from Quikteks is that we take care of all of this for you! Many of these services like software maintenance, scanning for viruses, adding security patches, and tracking your network’s performance and software licensing agreements, we do remotely so you don’t have to oversee any of it.  All of these services are included in your Managed Service Agreement

Everybody enjoys having one more thing taken off their list, with managed IT services, all of your IT responsibilities can be removed from your list by having Quikteks take care of everything! Call us at PHONENUMBER to learn more.


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