You probably don’t remember a time before you could switch between windows on your computer. Now we couldn’t live without windows, as well as lots of browser tabs, so you can work with several documents or websites open at the same time. Now multi-tasking is a necessity in many workplaces. It’s not all perfect though. Resizing windows, switching between documents and looking for the open application you need can be a hassle. You can double your screen real estate and streamline your multi-tasking by having two or even multiple monitors at your workstation.

Upgrade Your PC

Most desktop PCs already have a second monitor port. If you don’ have one you’ll need to add another video card. Quikteks can help you with upgrading your PC and finding a suitable additional monitor. If you don’t have an extra monitor port there are alternative solutions to consider. You can use your USB ports to plug in additional monitors. You just need a special adapter unit. This option won’t give you the best image quality but it should be perfectly adequate for most routine office work that involves working with text, rather than images.

Dedicated Monitors

If necessary, and productivity is a high priority, you might be able to upgrade your system so you can have three screens. With multiple monitors, each one can be dedicated – email and communications on one, documents for consultation on another and the third as one where you work on your current project. It can be easier and more efficient than fiddling with lots of different devices. Also, you often need a larger screen that’s not phone- or tablet-sized. Having multiple screens is much easier than working with several different devices. You can just drag a window from screen to screen, with no messing about.

Are you looking for ways to improve productivity by simplifying the ways in which you accomplish your multi-tasking? Multiple monitors can be a game-changer, and it’s cost-effective. For more information on upgrading to work with multiple displays call Quikteks today at (973) 882-4644.