Microsoft OneNote makes it very easy to take and organize all of your daily notes. Today we’re going to show you how to ensure your OneNote Notebooks are backed up so you don’t risk losing any information in the event of a computer issue.

OneNote behaves differently than your standard Microsoft Office App. Where a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet is a pretty standard file, OneNote doesn’t bug you with questions like ‘do you want to save your note?’ or ‘where would you like to save your notes?’ It just takes your information and next time you open up OneNote, it’s still there (one of the many conveniences found in OneNote). However, it’s very important to understand how this works so you can be sure your notebooks are being backed up properly.

Open OneNote and click on the File menu on the top left, then go to Options.

On the sidebar on the left, select Save & Backup.

First, you’ll have some options on where certain elements in OneNote get saved. There’s your Unfiled Notes Section, your Backup Folder, and the default location of your newly created Notebooks. You can modify these so they save in any directory you want.

You will want to make sure the Backup Folder is somewhere on your company’s network, on a server and in a directory that gets backed up by your company’s backup solution. If the backup is sitting on the same computer you are working on, if your hard drive crashes you may never see your notes again.

Below you can also adjust how often the Notebook backs itself up and how many copies it keeps. This means if something terrible were to happen (like a whole bunch of meeting notes being deleted accidentally) you can go back to a previous version and likely retrieve them. We recommend bumping up the number of backup copies to 5, maybe even a little more.

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