Do you know all the neat little tricks that your mouse capable of? Here are a few time-saving tricks:

Easy Select With More Control

To select a lot of text, double-click on the first word, scroll down to the bottom, hold down Shift, and click on the last word you want. All of the text in-between your clicks will be selected. More control and no dragging your mouse across the page.

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Zoom In/Out with Scroll Wheel

Zoom in or out on the screen by holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling up and down with the mouse wheel. To move back to a closed tab, hold down the Shift key and scroll down.

More Control With Double or Triple Clicks

To select one word, double-click on it. To highlight one word at a time, double-click then drag your mouse. To select the whole paragraph, triple-click on it.

Select Multiple Options in Drop Down

When filling out a drop-down form, if multiple options available apply to you, select them by holding down Ctrl and clicking individually.

Use Side Buttons

Some “mice” have buttons on their sides which allow users to navigate to previously visited web pages or move forward. Some of these are also programmable to various useful functions.

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