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4 Things to Consider When Buying a New Server

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4 Things to Consider When Buying a New Server


As your business grows, so does the need to expand your network infrastructure. If your IT infrastructure is not meeting your company’s growing needs, upgrading your servers or virtualizing an existing one may be required. Servers are highly configurable and customizable to meet the specific needs of your business. Here are 4 things to consider when shopping for a new server.

Your Needs
Server needs vary business to business. Be sure you have an understanding of the workload you will be placing on a server before purchasing one that won’t keep up with you internal demands or buying one that will be over priced and underutilized.  For example, if you’re just going to use your server to host a single business application, then a low end server will work great and may cost you less than $1,500. If you have more intense workloads, like hosting a highly-trafficked website, then you will want to go with a higher-end server.

Scalability-Leaving Room for Growth
Business owners also need to consider their short term growth projections.  Leaving room for future growth is often over looked in the name of saving money in the present.  Overlooking short term growth can often lead to having to purchase additional equipment in the future. Is it more economical to add RAM and CPU to a server that you already own, instead of buying one low end server unit after another, or paying for a server that’s bigger than what you need today in preparation for tomorrow?

Picking a server that matches your companies environment is very important. For example, do you go with a rack server or a tower server?  If you already own an equipment rack with available space then a rack server is the way to go.  Servers also put out extra heat, are loud, and need a clean and open space for good airflow.  All of these environmental considerations are important to plan for if you want your new server to work beyond its anticipated useful lifecycle.

Data Redundancy/Fault Tolerance
When adding a new server to your network infrastructure configuring a server for fault tolerance is also very important. Business owners will need to take into consideration how much economic damage would be done to their business by determining the real world cost of that server being down.  Everything from cost of employees not being able to do their jobs, loss of employee good will, and loss of new business.  If the economic impact to your business would be severe when your server is offline then you should add additional RAM, hard drive space (RAID 5 formatted), and processor speed at the time of purchase.. To give your network infastructure the best data backup solution possible, you will want to include a backup and disaster recovery solution from Quikteks.

There are several other things you will want to consider before purchasing a new server. It’s a major purchase that will affect your entire IT infrastructure, and having knowledgeable IT experts like the technicians at Quikteks help you pick out the perfect server and make your operations run smoother. You may not even need to buy a new server, ask us about a process called server virtualization that takes advantage of your underutilized servers by consolidating your older units into your new ones, which can save you big money. To find out all of your options when shopping for a new server, call Quikteks at PHONENUMBER.