Business technology is always evolving, creating new and more efficient ways to work. Cloud computing plays a major role in IT today. This shift can be seen as a technological quantum leap. Cloud solutions have revolutionized the ways businesses run their IT and manage their operations.

Before and After the Cloud

Consider a basic business tool – email. Communication apps for business would formerly have involved buying a server to host your email system and setting it all up, with considerable time and effort often expended in getting it running. The system then requires ongoing management to ensure uninterrupted operations.
Servers are complicated pieces of hardware, and they don’t manage themselves. Maintenance either requires an IT technician in-house, or a computer professional visiting regularly to check it over. Cloud computing is significantly cheaper and a far simpler and effective solution all round. Here are some ways it can assist your business.

Simple Installation

Implementing cloud computing is astonishingly simple, compared to traditional alternatives. All that’s required is a call to a provider who supplies cloud solutions for businesses. Activation is virtually instant. There’s no disruption while hardware is sourced and installed, and no setup fees on top of the capital layout. You also won’t have to find the space for bulky items of equipment. In terms of functionality, the end result is no different from the older way of doing things, and there are many additional benefits.

If you’re thinking of outsourcing and moving to the cloud, you won’t just call in the first cloud solutions provider you come across. The best approach is to seek out a provider who will make the effort to understand what your business needs are, and how your IT infrastructure serves those needs. By doing this, you’ll avoid paying for a system that exceeds your requirements and won’t be fully utilized.

You need a company like Quikteks

With our assistance, server maintenance won’t be a problem. We will host it, and we’ll be responsible for its management. That includes regular maintenance checks, software updates, security monitoring and refreshing hardware. We cover all the things that you’d have to do yourself with your own in-house server. You won’t need a dedicated IT technician on staff and you can divert those payroll savings to hiring other staff to assist in other areas of your business.

The Budget-Friendly Way

The big bonus of cloud computing is that simplifies operations, in all sorts of ways, but it doesn’t end there. The savings on hardware and maintenance are significant. It’s a boost for your budget, not just an upgrade to your IT infrastructure. Outsourcing in this way, using a contracted service, means that it becomes an operating expense, rather than a series of unpredictable capital expenses. For example, if your server crashes and needs a major overhaul – or worse, replacement – you might have to find substantial sums at short notice. With cloud computing as a service, this scenario will never arise.

Simplify Your Life!

Cloud computing is a great solution that will assist your operations, saving you money and simplifying your IT management in all sorts of ways. Other benefits of outsourcing include enhanced business continuity, better security for your network and improved support for mobile working. Does this appeal to you? Give Quikteks a call at (973) 882-4644 and make your life easier with the cloud!

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