2020 has been a hard year for many businesses. Nobody needs to deal with cybercrime on top of the challenges that so many businesspeople are already facing. But cybersecurity to protect against cyberthreats should be a priority for business owners and IT administrators. Solutions are constantly being developed to protect against cybercriminal activities and today we’ll look at four security tools you can use to keep the scammers from attacking your business.

1. Network monitoring

Monitoring in general is a basic risk mitigation strategy. If you know what’s happening with your IT system and check it regularly then you’re less likely to be taken by surprise if the system is infiltrated by cybercriminals. Cyberattacks are stealthy and not always obvious, so the more you’re on top of the operations of your infrastructure and network, the better placed you are to pick up any signs of unusual or suspicious activity.

2. Managing endpoints

The endpoints of your system are the devices that connect to its centre. Today there are all sorts of devices that can be an entry point to your business network. They include smartphones, tablets and unsecured Internet of Things devices. As remote working grows in the coronavirus pandemic a lot of businesses have moved operations offsite, without always having the time to plan and update their cybersecurity arrangements. With more remote working the number of endpoints grows and you may have more than you think. To strengthen your cybersecurity make sure you secure your endpoints.

3. Detecting threats

You may have made a big effort to keep cyberthreats out of your network, but there’s always a possibility that something can still slip through. Of course this is bad news, but if you have a clear strategy to eliminate it you’re at least prepared to react quickly and decisively. There are companies that spend millions on preventing cybercrime, but even they can fall foul of cyberthreats. It can be due to a single piece of code that unleashes ransomware or other malware. Millions of cyberattacks are launched every year, and the chances that one could get past your defences are significant. On top of other measures, threat detection and a remediation strategy are crucial.

4. Train your staff

Cybersecurity tools do a great job in keeping your network safe but human error can still leave your system vulnerable. If your staff understand that they have a key role to play in keeping malicious entities out then their vigilance provides vital protection. Make sure they understand your organization’s cybersecurity strategy, the damage that cybercrime can cause and the part they can play to prevent it.

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