A catch-all solution isn’t enough to protect your business data. You really need several solutions working in tandem. We recommend combining a unified threat management tool, a Bring Your Own Device policy, and a virtual private network solution. Let’s take a look:

Unified Threat Management

A unified threat management tool is several security solutions bundled into one:

  • Firewall: A firewall screens data flowing in and out of a network and stops threats.
  • Antivirus: If a threat gets past the firewall, this identifies and eliminates it.
  • Spam blocker: Blocks spam email messages, a huge source of malware and a waste of time, by keeping them out of the inbox in the first place.
  • Content filter: Content filters block employees from risky or time-wasting websites during the workday.

This forms a comprehensive security tool that can significantly decrease the odds of a security breach or malware attack.

Bring Your Own Device

BYOD is a great business idea, but we need to be careful, as employee devices can allow online threats into your organization’s network. We recommend that businesses implement a BYOD policy. A good BYOD policy should prioritize security through a mobile device management system that whitelists and blacklists applications, and should allow businesses to remotely wipe the devices if necessary.

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are great for businesses with employees who are remote or need to access important data from outside the office. A VPN encrypts all data coming in and out, allowing your employees to work outside the office in a secure environment. This is particularly valuable for organizations with many moving parts.

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