It’s a proven formula for business success: KISS. Keep it simple, stupid! If you can keep your operations simple then you can reduce the costs of doing business, ensure staff are informed and on top of everything and limit the possibilities of error. For most businesses, the IT infrastructure is central to smooth running. Keeping it simple is the way to kiss goodbye to problems that can drag you down.

It’s in the nature of technology that it gets more complicated as it gets more powerful. The latest business tech solutions are all designed to make life easier for users but, at the other end, IT managers have to deal with systems that are more and more complex. Here’s what happens.

Increased Demands on IT Infrastructure with Growth

Running a business is about growing that business, but managing the needs of an expanding operation isn’t always easy. On the IT front, growth typically puts a greater load on your tech infrastructure, as more users are added and larger volumes of data are being processed. But, with your bottom line growing, there are worse problems to have.

Forward planning is the way to prevent growth-related IT problems. At Quikteks our IT consultation service can assist you. Our work is not just about repairing broken hardware and troubleshooting malfunctions. We know a thing or two about business too. Our business knowledge combines with our technology expertise to devise the best tech solutions for your organization. We can help you to avoid problems, by making sure your system will handle the demands you can expect to arise in a 1-5 year time frame.

IT Security and Mobile Working

Using mobile devices, and allowing staff to use their own devices (BYOD) is commonplace today, when workers are often out and about or work partly from home. This trend also make the IT manager’s job harder, because of the need to manage the increased security risks. Every additional access point needs securing. Devices can be lost or stolen, or taken over by identity thieves. Another issue requiring management is the storage of company data, for example to apps that are insecure.

A considered BYOD policy will take all the risks associated with mobile working into account. This also means extra work for IT managers, and requires additional expertise in mobile device management software. If your organization makes use of mobile technology then you need to get it right. Quikteks can guide you through the pitfalls and provide you with tech solutions to ensure top level security.

Keeping IT Support Simple

The more complicated IT systems become, the more confusing it can be for the average end-user. An in-house IT manager can be an expensive option, out of the reach of many smaller businesses. But tinkering with complex systems without expert input can make things worse, with cost implications (as well as the potential for major frustration and disruption).

Outsourcing your IT support needs to Quikteks is the simplest way to manage your IT infrastructure, and a way to make sure you don’t miss out on money-saving IT solutions. We maximize the use of the KISS strategy. With remote monitoring tools (RMM) we’re able to quickly resolve IT issues, or catch them before they become major. Keeping IT simple stupid! will be reflected in your bill, because our technicians don’t have to regularly attend your office. In time and money terms, it’s a win-win, for you as well as for us!

Do you want to KISS your IT problems goodbye? To keep it simple, call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644!

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