Is your IT budget the major limiting factor in every business decision? Wouldn’t it be nice to free yourself from that? Here are three ways that you can take some strain off your IT budget.

Build an IT Roadmap

If you’re making IT purchasing decisions on a day-by-day basis, you leave yourself at risk when an unexpected failure forces an emergency purchase of new tech. If your budget hasn’t planned on these new devices, you could be in trouble.

If you Fail to Plan…

This is why you have to create an IT roadmap now. Sit down with a trusted network administrator or IT professional and map out your tech needs for the next one, five, or even ten years. Schedule hardware and software updates now so that your technology never falls behind, and so that you can always be on budget.

Minimize Downtime With a BDR

When your business isn’t operating as intended you are losing money. Sometimes it’s because somebody is out sick or the internet is down, but mostly downtime comes from technology not working properly. Eliminating downtime protects your IT budget.

Resolve issues faster with a dynamic backup and disaster recovery solution. BDR works by providing near-instantaneous access to your data backups. BDR even allows your business to experience minimal downtime in a serious disaster, like a fire or electrical storm. The less time you spend getting back in action, the more time you spend being productive.

Outsource, Outsource

“Why pay for someone else to do the work if I can do it myself?” Will you really save money on IT expenses spending the time and energy it will take to become an expert on IT management and maintenance? You take your car to a garage instead of going to mechanic school.

Outsourcing is the best option for small and medium-sized businesses. For a monthly service agreement, you get access to professional techs who understand your needs without adding new salaries to your budget. Also, outsourcing as much of your IT as possible removes it as a capital expense and adds it to your operational expenses, which is a tax benefit.

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