Fact: There’s a shortage in the IT skills market. The good news is that businesses now have more opportunity than ever to make up for this shortage. A simple solution is to outsource your IT service and support needs to a managed service provider. It’s potentially a way to save time and revenue in an area that’s becoming increasingly difficult to hire for. Here are three reasons why outsourced tech support can resolve the shortage of IT talent.

Qualified, Trained Professionals

When you’re looking to employ someone to look after your IT needs then you’ll want someone with the skills and experience to provide a good return on your investment. You need a professional, preferably with qualifications and a proven track record. Someone with a flair for computing might do the job just fine, but a trained expert can offer a lot more on top of basic maintenance and repairs. A pro can also help proactively shape your IT strategies going forward.

If you outsource your IT service by signing up with a managed services provider, you’ll reap various benefits. Since most problems can be resolved remotely, you can reduce your IT costs by investing in a relationship with a tried-and-true provider like Quikteks.

Save on Salaries

Having your own IT department can be costly and isn’t an option for a lot of smaller businesses. Your staff may be competent enough to keep your IT system ticking over and can handle small glitches. But they may not have the know-how to deal with bigger problems, or for fine-tuning your IT systems and strategies for maximum efficiency. If you don’t have substantial IT requirements then even employing one IT manager can be expensive.

If you outsource your IT support it means you can cover your tech needs with a service agreement, typically paid for at a flat rate per month. Help will be at hand as and when you need it and, even if your support needs fluctuate, the cost remains constant.

Save Time and Boost Productivity

IT problems can make your businesses operations grind to a halt and can consume lots of time to resolve. The clear advantage of having expert support is that professionals can find and fix issues faster. If members of your team usually tackle your organization’s IT problems themselves then it means that they’re taking time out from the work they normally do. Speedy resolution ensures uninterrupted business operations. With outsourced tech support your staff can get on with the work they’ve been hired for, without distractions impairing your productivity.

Do you have any questions or concerns about outsourcing your IT support? If so, reach out to us at (973) 882-4644. We’d be happy to discuss what we can offer your business.

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