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3 Reasons Why a Help Desk is Helpful

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3 Reasons Why a Help Desk is Helpful

An IT help desk is a resource that will benefit any office. Knowing that you have a team of computer experts standing by to deal with any technology problem will keep everybody calm whenever an issue develops. You likely won’t be calling the Help Desk every day but, should the need arise, you know that a solution will be found.

If you have never called a Help Desk before and you aren’t sure what to expect, then we want to share with our four most valuable Help Desk features that are intended to provide callers with the most satisfying customer experience possible.

Friendly Phone Calls
The technicians who answer your IT Help Desk call will be polite, professional, and, of course, helpful. Knowing this beforehand will help to change the entire tone of the phone call, because this means that you do not have to prepare yourself for an argument and stress yourself out looking for a receipt. Many of our technicians have even been complimented for having soothing voices; and because you are calling a help desk, we go above and beyond to make the phone call a pleasant experience. We know how frustrating technology problems can be, and we know that our callers may be at their wits end before picking up the phone. Know this before you call, we are here to help.

To make your phone call as pleasant as possible, here are a few ways that we can go above and beyond.

  • Real person will answer the phone.
  • Based in America.
  • 24/7 Telephone Support
  • Large library of resources
  • Has your company’s hardware and software information on file

Problem Solving Technicians
The technicians handling your problem are flesh and blood humans, but at the same time, they are also problem solving machines! About 90% of the problems that are non-break fix issues are resolved by the end of the phone call. We only allow skilled level I and II technicians to answer the phones; this means that the person who is taking your call is a trained technology expert. Having an IT expert on standby is the next best thing to having an IT technician on staff, while being a lot less expensive.

We Can Help Remotely
Our help desk has a remote support feature which makes resolving problems easy on your end. Remote support lets us take control of your PC from our end in order to take care of your issue quickly. Remote support allows us to run diagnostics and look for problems that you may not be aware of. After we find an issue, we can then remotely take care of it with our proven best practices; this will allow you to sit back and relax while we get the job done.

Quikteks is dedicated to making your help desk phone call the best that it can be. Before you make a help desk call, you will first want to call us at (973) 882-4644 to setup this service for your business. Our user plans are affordable and set at a flat rate, and the price of your plan will not change no matter how many calls you put in. Call Quikteks and let us find a help desk plan that will work best with the needs of your business.

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