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3 Potential Issues Your Server Could Experience

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3 Potential Issues Your Server Could Experience

A server is now a critical component of the IT infrastructure of many businesses. When servers develop problems, the negative effects can ripple through everyday operations. Here are some common issues that cause server failure or malfunctioning.


Server hardware tends to have a lifespan of between four and six years, so server problems can just be down to age. Some companies choose to replace their server before they reach that point. Others try to keep going for as long as possible with their existing hardware. If you’re experiencing server problems, and it’s around five years old, then it might be the most economical option to replace it as soon as possible. The costs that result from downtime and disruption just if server failure actually happens just aren’t worth it.

Equipment Failure

Issues with other hardware can contribute to server failures. Your IT infrastructure includes other components that can contribute to server problems. This can often be fixed by rebooting those other components. If the issue persists try calling Quikteks for help.

Environmental Issues

Servers are big but they’re sensitive to their environment. If it’s too hot or too humid, that can cause problems. So can too little airflow, accumulated dust and grime and fluctuations in the electricity supply. Just one of these things can contribute to server failure.

Preventative measures include installing uninterruptible power supplies so that the server can power down safely if there’s an outage. Cleanliness is crucial, and proper ventilation and local temperature control are essential.

IT hardware is complex, so many factors can cause server failure or malfunction and interrupt your business operations. Quikteks will help you diagnose and deal with all your server problems. To find out more about how we can assist, call us today at (973) 882-4644.

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