These days, lawyers are involved in many aspects of the business world, from trials and court hearing to financial transactions. Their job may be in the law-and-order system, but they are businesspeople too. As such, they rely on business technology to run their practices. Today we’ll look at three technological solutions that that can profitably be used by law firms.

Mobile Working

Information processing is essential to what lawyers do. One way to manage these large bodies of information, and access them while on the move in the course of the working day, is to use a smartphone. These tiny, hand-held computers can do a whole lot more than texting, social media and online shopping. Similarly, tablets aren’t just for playing games, but are powerful devices that are useful for a range of tasks. Members of the legal profession take advantage of the computing power of today’s mobile devices in various ways:

Staying organized – With mobile devices, lawyers have their calendars, notes, contacts, and more, available whether they’re in or out of the office.

Keeping in contact – A smartphone or tablet makes it easy to receive and send emails, stay on top of emerging information, and contact clients and colleagues online.

Sharing files – With the latest real-time file-sharing solutions, lawyers can speedily exchange files and information.


Virtualized infrastructures are an ideal solution for legal professionals. They are scalable, which makes it a cost-effective option. This flexibility means that the infrastructure can easily be adapted as needs in the office change. Customization is especially useful for those dealing with large quantities of information.

The costs of a virtualized computing environment are considerably less, compared to those of traditional office IT, which entails purchasing expensive hardware. Virtualizing the office allows the entire infrastructure to be consolidated, with cost savings and enhanced productivity.

Cloud Computing

The cloud is another innovation that offers many benefits for business, including legal professionals. Again, flexibility is a key feature of this technology. Data storage, communication, mobile working and more can be significantly improved, and businesses only pay for the services they need and make use of.
Professionals who have a particular imperative to keep data confidential have been wary of storing that data offsite. This is not the danger it may seem, because cloud hosts today provide very high levels of security. One poll of law professionals found that almost half of them were in favour of cloud computing, especially because of the scalability and flexibility of the service, as well as the various other advantages it offers.

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