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3 Network Security Factors for Your Business

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3  Network Security Factors for Your Business

There are several factors that must be considered when assessing your current network security situation. According to a study from 1&1, 67 percent of people confirmed that someone they know has had information stolen from them while they were online. This means that your business could be next. In order to remain unaffected by security breaches, consider implementing these three network security features for your business.

Proactive Threat Detection and Management.
Your network administrator should be scanning your system for issues or security problems, if not than the network could be at serious risk. Security scans are an important part of keeping your online presence safe. They are imperative for keeping threats away from your system. Despite taking maximum security precautions, threats can sneak into your system and cause damage. When this occurs, it isn’t your fault; but it’s important to act before it’s too late.

With Quikteks’ Unified Threat Management device, your network will be protected from the many threats lurking on the Internet. Our professional and trusted IT technicians will monitor and maintain your business’s network, and detect malicious activity before it can cause irreparable damage. Additionally, we will update your software when it requires a new patch or license renewal, letting your IT have a “hands-off” approach.

Quality Data Backup and Restoration                                                                
While the UTM is a comprehensive security solution designed to help your business avoid problems, it’s not a perfect solution. Hackers are continuously developing ways to take advantage of minor vulnerabilities, and even with maximum security your business could still be vulnerable to a debilitating attack that would jeopardize everything it’s worked so hard to achieve. When the worst happens (like the recent Sony hacks, which exposed a ton of confidential data), it’s important to have some sort of backup and recovery solution on hand. This is especially important if your business wants to keep uptime at an all-time high and limit the loss of data.

Quikteks offers a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution designed to keep data loss and downtime to a minimum. You can be confident in the event of a natural disaster or hacking attack, you’ll be able to restore your data to the point right before the disaster struck. The BDR solution includes a device which acts as the server in the event of unexpected downtime, allowing you to keep operations moving.

Maximum Uptime and Minimal Downtime
Redundancy is a term often used when discussing data storage in the business world. What this means is backing up your server’s data on another identical server. This is one way Quikteks’ solutions help your business stay afloat in the event of an outage. This means that uptime is practically guaranteed, and maintenance can be done after-hours without causing expensive downtime.

Quikteks understands how important the latest technology is for your business. We can provide your company with cloud-based servers which deliver a variety of benefits. These include reduced costs on maintenance, electricity, and general upkeep costs. With fewer operating expenses, your financial assets can be allocated toward growing your business.

By paying attention to these three network security aspects, you’ll be sure to make the right choices concerning your business’s data security. Quikteks’ professional IT technicians can provide further consultation and support for your business. Just give us a call at (973) 882-4644 to learn more.

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