Answer on Your Office Line

Businesses today are allowing more employees to work from home. Technology lets users remote into their work environment securely as if they were sitting at their desk at the office. VoIP phone solutions even allow workers to answer their office phones remotely.

Use VoIP For Remote Work

VoIP works well for small and medium businesses for conventional use. It’s easy to manage, easy to scale, and saves a lot of money on annual communication expenses. However, the use of the VoIP system for remote work is underutilized. Your VoIP phone can be plugged into any broadband connection and behave just an office landline. Pretty cool, right?

Better, Cheaper, and Anywhere

Depending on the phone, you can plug it directly into a router or broadband modem, a USB port, or just a Wi-Fi network. Access your company voice mail, use company extensions, and any other feature your phone system has from anywhere. In addition to helping telecommuters, VoIP helps owners, managers, and remote offices stay connected under a single system, making it cheaper to manage.

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