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Data Backup: An IT Consultant’s Nightmare

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Data Backup: An IT Consultant's Nightmare

Do you want your company to stay in business? Of course you do! You’re not in business to fail. So if you want to keep your business moving then you need to know the serious real-world link between losing your business data and losing your business.

Here Are Some Stats

Harris Interactive has run an ongoing annual online survey on behalf of Backblaze, a consumer-driven online backup service. The survey has more than two thousand respondents. One of the things they gather information on is data backup. Before we get to the figures, we’d just like to say that at Quikteks we truly value our customers. Our goal is to provide a service that will help your business to perform better, even in challenging economic times. We don’t want you to spend your IT budget on expanding your computer systems, making them more complex and more expensive to manage. What we aim to do is ensure you have proactive management and IT best practices in place. Helping you to stay in business is important to us.

Here’s why data backup can cause us such a lot of trouble. The Harris Interactive yearly survey was directed towards PC users. They aren’t necessarily small business owners, but the figures are still shocking. The findings indicated that 93% of users were at risk of losing data. That’s because only 7% of users backed up their data on a daily basis. Of the 93%, 14% backed up their data weekly or more often and 27% backed it up once a month.

Data loss may not be quite so serious for the average PC user who isn’t running a business, though it can still have dire consequences. But now let’s look at the figures that really make us worried. A study by The Diffusion Group surveyed more than a thousand business owners about how they back up their data.

  • • 40% of small and medium-sized companies don’t back up their business data.
  • • 60% of the data that small businesses have is stored on devices, like desktops or notebooks, that aren’t included in their backup strategy.
  • • Of the companies that do have a backup plan, 40-50% of all backups fail to some extent. Data turns out to be unrecoverable, because of faulty media, general failures because it wasn’t set up correctly, and because the system isn’t tested to make sure it’s working properly.

We can’t say it loudly or often enough: backup is essential for small businesses. It could only be a matter of time before you suffer from data loss and find yourself in an impossible position. Believe us when we say that data loss can have catastrophic consequences.

Is your company backing up its data properly? Are you confident that your data backup solution is working as it should be? You need to test it regularly to make sure. For assistance with your data backup needs give Quikteks a call at (973) 882-4644. We’ll be happy to advise you on preventing the disaster that can arise if you lose your vital business data.

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