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How Tech Support Can Prevent Costly Repairs

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How Tech Support Can Prevent Costly Repairs

We love our computers, but hardware wears out, software gets corrupted, and malware attacks. Until it’s fixed, productivity is shot. You need a plan in place to handle IT problems smoothly and minimize downtime, at a price that doesn’t hurt.

Do You Have In-House IT?

In-house IT is great to have, but you’re lucky if the IT techs on staff can take care of each problem right away. So you wait, while downtime racks up. Or you call and schedule your local computer repairman to take care of the problem, if that’s any faster, and incur an additional charge.

Do You Have a Help Desk?

A good help desk is a blessing. For many issues, employees can call the help desk and have an expert walk them through the solution. Of course, if the problem is complex, doing something over the phone with someone who may or may not be a great communicator can be stressful, especially if an in-person visit is impossible.

Get Proactive

The problem with the above solutions is that they are all reactive. In most cases, getting ahead of problems makes life a lot easier.

Managed IT service from Quikteks takes a proactive approach. At Quikteks, we continually monitor your computer and fix issues before they become problems. We can also use RMM tools (Remote Monitoring and Management) to remote into your PC and fix problems from our end.

Managed Care Makes IT Easier

Managed IT handles issues proactively and remotely, usually while you are logged off your PC, but if the issue is a broken piece of hardware, we send in a tech. You save money on service calls because the technician only visits when you need it. Why pay for a technician to come out if the problem can be fixed remotely?

Managed Care Does More

Our monitoring and support service is not just for PCs and workstations; we can also take care of your servers and other network infrastructure. We can install, monitor, and keep your anti-virus software up-to-date, and update and install patches to keep the rest of your software current.

Quiktek’s Help Desk is part of the package. Call our smart, friendly techs anytime.

Managed Care is Less Expensive

Remote monitoring and management cost us less than sending out technicians, so we can offer our managed IT services at a more affordable price. Our monthly service fee is also more predictable than the cost of fixing or replacing broken technology.

Additionally, IT support is an operating expense and reduces capital expenses. This is better tax-wise and gives you a clearer picture of your budget.

Managed Care Keeps You Working

Quiktek’s managed care services keep your technology running optimally to minimize costly downtime. With RMM, a team monitoring your system 24/7, and a help desk, your IT will hum along smoothly, and so will your business.

To learn more about managed IT service from Quikteks, call us at (973) 882-4644. We can customize a service plan for your company’s budget and needs.

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