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How Tech Support Can Prevent Costly Repairs

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How Tech Support Can Prevent Costly Repairs

Do you have a plan in place for when your technology breaks or crashes? As wonderful as computers are, the hardware wears down, and software can become buggy and crash. Having a go-to plan in place for IT hiccups, will save you time and frustration from having to react to a problem and scramble to find a fix.

There are several different options available to you for taking care of an IT fix. If you have an internal IT department, then having a technician on premise to service your PC is always handy, but even IT technicians on staff can be busy and not able to immediately service your workstation. If your business lacks onsite IT techs, then you may have to schedule a visit from your local computer repairman, this will take care of the problem, but it will be expensive and you will have to schedule a fix around their schedule.

Another repair solution is to call a help desk and have an expert walk you through the problem. Calling a help desk works great for most issues, but if the problem is complicated, then your ability to resolve the issue is dependent upon how well communications over the phone work out. And let’s face it, if you are calling a help desk because you are reacting to a computer malfunction, then there is a good chance you are already on edge before the call is even made.   

All of these computer repair solutions will solve your problem one way or another, but one shortcoming that they all have is that they are all reactive in their approach.  Managed IT service from Quikteks combines the strengths of all of these approaches with a proactive approach. At Quikteks, we utilize various RMM tools (Remote Monitoring and Management) that allows us to remote into the your PC and fix problems from our end, as well continually monitor your computer and proactively take care of any issues before they turn into problems.        

When your IT is managed, issues are handled proactively while you are logged off your PC, but we also have professional IT technicians at our disposal to send your way in case the issue is with a broken piece of hardware. This allows you to save money on service calls by having a technician visit only when you absolutely need it. Let’s face it, it is just silly to pay for a technician to come out, only to have them fix your problem with a couple of keystrokes.  

Providing you with remote support and monitoring your computer for issues are just two of the ways we can help your business with our RMM tool. We can also install patches to proactively keep your software current, as well as install, monitor, and keep your anti-virus software up-to-date. Our monitoring service is not just limited to PCs and workstations; we can also monitor and offer remote support to your servers and other network infrastructure..  

Since remote monitoring and management allows us to not sink extra expenses into sending our technicians out on the road, we are then able to pass these savings onto you and offer our managed IT service at an affordable price. Additionally, IT support now becomes an expense that you can budget around. This is more predictable than having to react to random problems with large amounts of money, as well as a good way to ensure that your technology is always running optimally.

Even if you have technicians in house, managed IT service from Quikteks can complement your IT department and free them up from spending large chunks of time reacting to broken technology. This allows both you and your staff to get more done, provide you with less interruptions, keep your IT cost down and manageable, as well provide you with a dependable IT infrastructure that is running smoothly.

To learn more about managed IT service from Quikteks, call us at PHONENUMBER. We can answer all of your IT questions, as well as tailor a service plan the will work with your company’s budget and needs.

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