Email makes work easier in many ways, but checking it and replying to incoming mail can take up a lot of time. Shortcuts can speed things up. Today’s tip is a shortcut for attaching files quickly to Microsoft Outlook, without having to search your documents to locate the file you need.

Attaching a File in Outlook in 3 Easy Steps

If you’re working on a document that you need to email to someone, here’s the quick and easy way to do it. Right click on the File icon. From the options, choose ‘Send to’, followed by ‘Mail recipient’. Microsoft Outlook will then open a new email for you, with the file that you clicked on already attached to the message.

How To Send Pictures

You can also use this email shortcut to send pictures. Outlook will also give you the option of resizing an image before it’s attached to the email. If you don’t need to resize it, clicking ‘Attach’ will take you to a new email, with the image file attached. The cursor will be in the ‘To’ field, so you can insert the address of the recipient.

How To Attach Forms

This shortcut makes use of automated forms, so Outlook will also have filled in other fields for you, to make things even faster. In the subject field it will say ‘Emailing’ plus the filename. The message box will contain a general warning about how virus-checking of attachments is always a good idea. You can either just send it as is, or you can adapt it any way you wish.

The normal process of sending email attachments doesn’t take ages, but you still have to open the email, find the file and manually attach it. This email shortcut lets you create and send a document or image file by email in a few seconds. Getting to grips with the shortcuts available for everyday tasks might only save you a minute or two each time, but it all adds up.

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