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Take Screenshots to Communicate Support Issues

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Take Screenshots to Communicate Support Issues

There are all sorts of uses for a screenshot of what’s visible on your computer monitor. Screenshots are easy to share and you can also edit them as you please. You can take a screenshot of absolutely anything on your screen, from webpages to error messages to your current desktop icons…the list is endless. So how do you do it?

Taking a Screenshot in Windows

You can use the Snip and Sketch app in Windows 10, but there’s a handy shortcut. Take a look at the top row of keys on your keyboard. You’re looking for the Print Screen key, which may be labeled PrtScn, Prt Sc or Print. Usually you’ll find it towards the right of the top row. Taking a screenshot is as simple as pressing the button. Once you’ve done this, the image will be saved to your clipboard as a .png file.

It really is that simple. Once you’ve done this you can use any image editing program to access it. Examples include Microsoft Word, Publisher, Outlook, Paint, One Note and more – literally any program designed for image editing will do what’s required. You can then copy the image and paste it into your editing program by pasting it, by right-clicking and selecting Paste or simply with the Ctrl+V shortcut.

That’s the basic approach, but you can fine-tune it. By using Alt+PrtScn you can save time because it will only take a shot of the selected application. This means that you don’t have to crop the edges to remove any peripheral details.

Taking a Screenshot for Apple Users

If you have an Apple device you’ll have to work a bit harder. The command you need to take a screenshot involves pressing Command+Shift+3. As with Windows, you can then copy and paste the screenshot into your preferred image editing program. On an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch it’s a little different. Hold down the Home button and then press Sleep/Wake. The image will be stored in the folder named Saved Photos. Most smartphones and tablets allow screenshots – consult your manual, because the method varies from device to device.

Screenshots on the Web

If you’re online when you need to take a screenshot, simply use your favorite search engine to find an online screenshotting tool. We found over 5 online tools to help screenshot.

With your computer screen working almost like a camera there are all sorts of things you can do. If you have technical problems with a program or your device, you can take an instant pic to send to your support desk. If you need to put together a web tutorial, it’s simple to do. The web is now your photo studio!

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