Time is money. Benjamin Franklin offered up that poignant piece of business acumen in his 1748 pamphlet Advice to the Young Tradesman, Written by an Old One. Travel to the present day and it’s one of the most frequent sayings used by businesses professionals. Attempting to find the highest degree of productivity is the goal for everyone that believes that the bottom line is, in fact, the bottom line. One expanding technology that is helping businesses increase efficiency is the Global Positioning System (GPS).

If you’re a business owner that depends on transportation to deliver goods or services, you have probably encountered a situation where you or one of your employees have gotten lost and it had a negative effect on the rest of the day’s schedule. In this regard GPS can offer you and your business a solution to increase efficiency. Some of the notable ways GPS can be used includes:

Asset Monitoring – If you are responsible for the dispatching of technicians, being able to monitor their progress in real-time is essential to providing prompt service to your customers. Using GPS you can track anything from a package, person, or truck. You can also analyze asset activity to increase your company’s efficiency.
Employee Supervision – Service-based companies rely on their employees to perform their duties outside of the office. Some employees are known to violate company policies when they are in the field and GPS is a good way to keep your employees on task and on schedule.
Fuel Conservation – The use of GPS can also offer a business a solution to best deal with rising fuel costs. GPS can layout for you the most direct routes or show a route that would conserve the use of fuel. You are also able to subsequently analyze company vehicle use to determine which routes will best save your company money that would be spent on unnecessary fuel usage or vehicle maintenance.

These are only a few different ways that GPS can help you increase the efficiency and profitability your business. As the technology develops there is sure to be many more applications for GPS. Whether you offer your employees GPS-capable smartphones, or outfit all your vehicles with on board GPS systems, global positioning can help increase your company’s efficiency and productivity. For more information about incorporating GPS technology into your company’s IT infrastructure contact Quikteks at PHONENUMBER.

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