Need a handy way to pack and migrate all of your cables, peripherals, and other must-have devices when traveling? Check out the GRID-IT system – designed to keep your stuff organized and held in place.

There is one downside to utilizing all of the latest tech; gadgets and accessories tend to accumulate rather quickly. If you have any appreciation for gadgets like we do, chances are you too have a small stockpile of unorganized parts and accessories. To complicate the matter further, every device comes with a computer connection cord and wall charger. Throw in headphones, styluses, HDMI cables, and all the other components that complete your gadget arsenal, and now your gadgets are creating clutter rather than convenience.

Device cases do a solid job organizing your gadget and specific accessories (as well as provide you with impressive office swag), but the individual case does nothing to declutter your desk drawer full of cords and gadgets, and it’s hard to travel with a series of tiny cases.

We have found an easy solution to organize your mess and even take it with you, GRID-IT! IT service technicians have used GRID-IT! to tuck all those lose parts and cables into a bag without the clutter., preferring the way it neatly lays out cords, instead of having them tangle up in the bottom of a bag.

Cocoon is the maker of GRID-IT!, and they sell different sized organizers and wraps from $9.99 to $49.99. However menacing your gadget pile is, GRID-IT! can organize it into a tidy bundle that is easy to transport under your arm, or at the bottom of your purse or bag.

Is GRID-IT! part of your utility belt? Have you used GRID-IT! or know of any other clever organizing solutions? Share with us in the comments below!

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