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5 Solutions To Look for in North Jersey Computer Support

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5 Solutions To Look for in North Jersey Computer Support

In the market for a new computer service provider? Choosing a company to service your technology is a decision that carries a little more weight to it than, let’s say, finding someone to trim your hedges. This is because you are essentially handing over access to all of your company’s sensitive information to somebody else.

We have five key points for you to look for, when searching for your New Jersey computer company. These five solutions should land you in a partnership with a solid company that works hard for your success, and has your best interest in mind.

Solutions for Businesses

Business-focused computer support companies are designed to maximize your success. The alternative, is to get in the back of a line behind every residential customer with a virus-infected PC and, “maybe they will fix your problem next week.” Your time is important, you have a company to run. You need to work with a company that gets that, a company that works with businesses and knows the business world in and out, the same world you dominate everyday. At Quikteks, business continuity is our highest priority.

Solutions You Can Trust

To label the information on your computer network as “sensitive” is an understatement. Your information includes: company’s finances, the personal information of all your employees, and sensitive customer information. Your customers entrust you with their information and expect you to keep it safe. Take the time to interview and build a relationship with your computer service provider in the same way you would with a new accountant.

Proven Client Solutions

Dig around and investigate the integrity of your prospective computer support company. Refer to client testimonials, a good IT company will have them posted on their website. But do not stop there, find existing clients and call them up, ask them if they are happy with the service they have received. If a computer service company has integrity, they will give you references, it is a red flag if they become a little nervous at this inquiry.

Solutions for Every Technology Need

A computer service company that is intimately familiar with the IT industry and advices your purchasing decisions is a huge asset, and stretches your buying dollars even further. Ideally, you want a company that you can discuss your technology needs with, and come up with a variety of options and solutions that are right for you, not a vendor who is trying to offload extra inventory. At Quikteks, we feel it’s about improving your day-to-day and bolstering your bottom line, which doesn’t always involve running the latest hardware and software solutions, but the ones that fit in with your business goals.

Maintenance and Backup Solutions

You need a company that does more than fixes problems, you need a company working around the clock to prevent problems. Two crucial preventative services a company needs to offer you are 1) monitoring all of your systems 24/7 to catch and fix maintenance problems that lead to bigger problems, and 2) a backup solution that doesn’t just store your information, but recoveries it with zero downtime. MSPBRAND is a solution that covers both of these bases, make sure your potential computer service company offers it.

We at Quikteks proudly meet these five solutions. Give us a call at (973) 882-4644 and we will be happy work with you and discover the solutions that are best for your business.

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