Are you looking for someone new to provide you with computer services? This can be a big decision. Finding someone to provide computer support is a lot more serious than finding someone to cut your lawn, for example. You’ll be handing over access to your company data, including sensitive and confidential information, so you have to choose carefully.

When you’re looking for a New Jersey computer company to work with, what should you be considering? Here are five things to think about, so you can create a partnership with a reliable company that puts your best interests and success first.

1. Business Solutions

Computer support for business is about helping you to maximize your opportunities and operations. Otherwise you can call in someone who does everything and wait in the line while they deal with all the domestic computers that have fallen foul of a virus. Maybe they’ll sort it out ‘by next week’. But you’re trying to run a company and time is money. A company that works with businesses understands this. At Quikteks we know how vital business continuity is.

2. Trustworthy Solutions

Your business data really is sensitive. It typically includes financial information, the personal details of your staff as well as confidential information about your clients. That information is entrusted to you on the understanding that you’ll keep it safely and securely and you want your computer service provider to make sure that happens. Interview prospective providers and build a relationship with them, like you would with your accountant or financial advisers.

3. A Solid Track Record

Look into prospective computer service providers before you sign up. A good company will have testimonials posted on their website. Don’t take them at face value though. Check with their existing clients to find out how they rate the service they’ve had. A reputable company will even help you with this. If they don’t want to, it might be a danger sign.

4. Tailored Tech Solutions

If you partner with a computer service company that is professional and efficient, and can advise you on purchasing decisions, you’ll be making a good investment. The right company will listen and understand what your business technology needs are, and come up with the best available solutions. It’s not about sales and offloading inventory. At Quikteks we want to help you optimize your business operations and your bottom line. That isn’t always about acquiring the latest and greatest software and hardware. It concerns making the decisions about business technology that are right for your business.

5. Proactive Solutions: Backup and Maintenance

Computer support goes further than fixing failing computers or malfunctioning peripherals. It’s about working 24/7 to prevent problems from happening in the first place, and then potentially escalating. Proactive maintenance is key to minimizing downtime. A backup solution so you can recover it if problems arise or disaster strikes is essential. Quikteks will do both of these things, so check to make sure it’s available from your chosen computer services provider.

Quikteks are proud to offer all the computer support services and meet all the criteria listed above. If you’d like us to work with you to deliver the business technology solutions that can boost your business, call us at (973) 882-4644.

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