QikPad is an online collaboration resource that enables users to produce, sustain and customize data in a collaborative atmosphere. Making use of author color codes, users can readily determine the root of modifications by identifying the particular color assigned to a specific employee. Best of all, the application is free and does not require any sort of sign up.

Anytime you are coping with sizable amounts of work, whether at a modest setup or large scale company, productive team supervision is dependent on work organization and synchronization. This is indispensable in order to sustain a concerted atmosphere where the manager evaluates the overall synergy. By the same token, employees look for guidance from fellow co-workers while enacting a significant role in achieving thir established goals and responsibilities.

Users can effortlessly create a new pad by inserting the desired name in the appropriate field after selecting New QikPad. By means of a single click you will be welcomed with a workspace ready for cooperation. To return to this pad later on, simply specify the required name and the application will find the specific pad.

The primary notion of QikPad is to deliver a better resource for collective projects. It’s a no cost online resource that can be conveniently used by office workers, professionals, business owners and students. Its structure is derived from Google Wave’s open-source code though it provides an easier user interface that can easily be distributed throughout a network of colleagues. Qikpad’s main workspace furnishes users with a simple word editing feature. Immediately after you begin typing, users will discover their words becoming highlighted in a particular color. Select the Identification button in the top right corner to designate your preferred color to your name. This feature will enable your co-workers to immediately recognize the adjustments or enhancements, thus rendering teamwork more productive. The Identification button further enables users to keep track of the individuals connected to this pad, while the Chat window facilitates correspondence with them. On top of that, users can disable or clear authorship colors utilizing the relevant button in the toolbar, and if users have to create some particular instructions, they can conveniently use the tool’s built-in chat. The final document can at that point be downloaded in a wide range of formats.

The Export button makes it possible for you to modify and export the data from this pad in the form of plain text, HTML and other ‘cloud’ produced documents. These features, merged with an incorporated chat bar, will undoubtedly increase work productivity overall. Similarly, the Share button allows you to make use of both online social media services like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and bookmarking tools like Delicious and StumbleUpon to disseminate your Qikpad ventures. A beneficial function of the resource is the capability to oversee and check out pad history in a straightforward fashion. Users can observe precisely how and when modifications were carried out in the workspace (or pad) by selecting the Pad History button, which reveals the EtherPad Lite Timeslider where you can easily pause or play the event history utilizing the media-friendly interface. Altogether, QikPad provides a speedy method to work together in an efficient manner and assists users in achieving their targets, together.

While there are plenty of professional pay-for alternatives, if you need a quick collaboration tool on the spot, QikPad is a great free app to get you by.

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Discover the essential insights to safeguard your business from failure and gain invaluable knowledge, expert advice, and proven strategies that every business owner must know.