First there were laptops/notebooks, then we saw the portable but not-so-powerful netbooks. Thanks to some new innovations by Intel, we’re seeing a new class of laptop on the market that is both ultra-slim and ultra-capable.

The newest tech to hit the computer market is a device called an ultrabook. These machines are designed to mix high portability with the power of a full-size laptop. This technology has much potential to be the future of portable computing. However, much like any other new electronic device, ultrabooks are accompanied with a rather hefty price tag. For that reason, you should really know what you are buying before taking the dive.

You can think about an ultrabook as being a very portable, more powerful laptop. With an average weight of 3lbs and screen size of 13 inches, it’s easy to see how portable these machines are. They are amazingly thin – most are just over half an inch thick when closed. Considering they maintain their small size all while housing hardware more powerful than a standard laptop, this is an impressive feat. Unlike tablets, ultrabooks sport a full-size keypad to make typing faster and easier. Compared to a regular laptop, the battery life is significantly better.  Ultrabooks also have access to all standard PC applications and are not limited to what is offered in an app store.

With these specs, why wouldn’t you spring for an ultrabook? Well, for one, they are costly. The average cost of an ultrabook is $900-$1500 whereas tablets and laptops can easily be purchased for hundreds less. The hardware in them is certainly impressive when you take their size into account, but it does not raise the bar in any way. Many ultrabook options are very sleek, well-constructed devices, so at least you are paying for something that is designed and built with a lot of thought behind it.

If you are considering buying an ultrabook, there are several on the market already. Each model differs in size, weight, hardware, etc. If you want a portable laptop with above average hardware, you may want to take a look at what an ultrabook can do for you. Contact us at PHONENUMBER if you need assistance choosing the right laptop or ultrabook for your needs.

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