Are you having a slow day at the office – because of your computer systems? Is opening documents, copying files and other key tasks taking longer than it should? It might not be your computer, but the entire network, causing a slowdown for your whole organisation.

The problem isn’t just that slow computers are annoying for users, who have to hang around while the computer grinds along. When everything takes longer to complete it can eventually dent your profits.

There are lots of possible culprits if your network seems to be bogged down. Here are some to consider if you need to speed up your network.

An Over-Taxed Network Infrastructure

A fast and efficient network depends on it being set up in the right way from the start. A related problem can occur if you’ve expanded and are doing more, but haven’t properly upgraded the network. The end result is slow computers.

Malware and Viruses

Viruses and malware aren’t just threats that can destroy your system and infect computers connected to it. Some malicious software lurks around, tying up your system’s resources and adding significantly to the load your network is designed to handle.


Spam and junk mail clogs up your inboxes but your network and mail server also have extra work to do to process it. Instead of deleting spam after it arrives, keep it off your network altogether. Using a spam filter or hosting your email in the cloud are solutions to help speed up your network.

Your Hardware Has Had its Day

A slowdown can be a sign that your hardware needs upgrading or replacing. In computing, the system is only as strong as its weakest link, and one outdated or inefficient component can slow down everything. The problem can be easy to fix. A new router or some extra RAM for the server might do it. To identify bottlenecks you’ll need to undertake a network audit.

Bandwidth Usage

Your network only has a finite capacity. How much bandwidth is being used? Are people streaming internet radio, for example? Providing background music that doesn’t use your bandwidth might help. Are people using the workplace to torrent movies or software? That can also impact network speed. If your system is being used for activities that are over-burdening the network, a content filter that blocks undesirable sites is one solution.

Is it time to speed up your network? There are many problems that can make networks and computers sluggish. For a free network audit, contact Quikteks at (973) 882-4644.

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