Microsoft has released a preview of their highly anticipated Microsoft Office 2013, with features meant to coincide with their release of Windows 8 set to be released this fall. Like Windows 8, Office 2013 was designed to accommodate the needs of not only individuals but businesses, as well.

Office 2013 integrates with Microsoft SkyDrive. As its name indicates, SkyDrive is a cloud-based storage that allows you to access any of your Office documents saved there from any location where there is Microsoft Office 2013 and access to the Internet. SkyDrive is defaulted to save your documents to the cloud but there is the option to save it locally as well. This feature can be used with tablets and smart-phones as well as desktops and laptop devices.

In fact, Office 2013 has a lot of settings designed with the tablet and smart-phones in mind. There is pinch-to-zoom and other touch functions that enhance usage on mobile devices. It will also be able to orientate documents from landscapes to portrait depending on your phone’s position.

For those who have been wishing for better collaboration capabilities, Microsoft added a communications element. It now allows you to speak with others who are collaborating on the same document. For example, a manager at the office could chat with an employee on the road who is working on the same Office document. There are also user-friendly additions and improvements to the Ribbon UI to help make professional and creative documents faster and easier.

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