All businesses need to pay serious attention to protecting their network from online threats. There are all sorts of threats out there and just one of them could be a nightmare for a small business. You could be looking at data theft and downtime that seriously impairs your productivity. The good news is that there is a solution: a total security package that will keep your business safe from almost any of the threats that are out there.

It’s called Universal Threat Management (UTM for short). It’s like having a massive wall around your business network, with a battalion of superheroes at the ready to repel cybercriminals. A good UTM will keep all known threats out.

What is Universal Threat Management?

A Universal Threat Management system is made up of an array of security solutions that work together to keep your network safe. Because it’s an integrated solution you won’t have to fiddle around managing a bunch of single purpose applications. Think of it as the Swiss Army Knife of security solutions, with a variety of tools all bundled together as one.

A UTM will do a variety of things to keep your business network secure:

  • • Antivirus and malware protection: catch dangerous software and spyware from infecting your system
  • • Ad blocking: get rid of pop ups and internet ads
  • • Spam filtering: flag up spam and deal with it before it becomes intrusive or dangerous
  • • Web filtering: ensure some websites are not accessible to your staff
  • • Intrusion protection: make sure hackers and bots can’t get access to your network
  • • Prevent phishing attacks: keep your data safe and protect against identity theft
  • • Remote access: allows staff secure access when they’re remote working.

These are just some of the features that a UTM has to offer.

The world of computing, and the underworld inhabited by cybercriminals, are always evolving. Your UTM needs to be future-proof and adaptable to keep up. You’ll still need to maintain it, so it’s up-to-date but with an all-in-one solution that task is a whole lot easier than running multiple security apps. Apart from peace of mind, you should enjoy big savings because the reduced time needed for administering a UTM saves you money and the security it provides will help avoid costly downtime.

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