Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery | Quikteks

Fell victim to ransomware attacks? Need a professional IT company to remove malicious files and/or restore your network? Give us a call immediately at (973) 882-4644 to learn how we can help.

Eventually, equipment malfunctions and hard drives fail. The question you need to ask is what happens next. If you cannot answer this question, ask us about our disaster recovery plan. Our data backup and recovery service will insure that your data is continually archived and ready to be restored at a moments notice. With a Quikteks data recovery plan, you can be assured that your important customer or sensitive personnel data is secure and available when you need it. Get a free IT assessment now.

Secure Your Company’s Sensitive Data Before It’s Too Late

To run a reliable, successful business, you need access to and protection for one of your most valuable assets – your data. A fire, flood, theft or other major catastrophe might leave your data unrecoverable. A reliable data back up plan is a necessity for today’s business. Get a free IT assessment now.

Disaster Recovery, Not Just Data Backup

If you are like many NJ business owners, you realize the importance of backing up your data regularly. Perhaps you have dealt with data loss in the past. Whether you use tape drives or some other type of external storage to back up your server, backup expenses pale in comparison to the financial impact of a crash. Quikteks ensures that a crash costs you no more than a few minutes. The cost of recovering your data is not just monetary, but also the loss of customer trust and employee good will. More importantly, in the time that it takes for a company to recover from data loss, they are losing time and productivity. Get a free IT assessment now.

Quikteks’ failproof system automatically backs up every bit of your data every 15 minutes. When a crash does happen, it takes over your server’s duties for as long as necessary to keep you up and running – while still continuing to back your data up the entire time. Your network stays up even while your server is being repaired. As you can see, this is far more than a simple backup system; it is a complete failsafe for your servers. We call it the Backup/Disaster Recovery, or BDR, Device. Once your server is repaired or replaced, no matter what the new hardware, the BDR Device can perform a bare metal restore to make your infrastructure in-house redundant once more. Get a free IT assessment now.

Quikteks incrementally encrypts and archives your data at our two off-site data centers, one on the east coast and one on the west coast, ensuring that you are protected in any disaster.  With Quikteks, you can sleep sound at night knowing your data is always safe.

Ensure Email Access and Protection—No Matter What

Business doesn’t stop when your email network experiences an outage. Whether the network is inaccessible due to natural disasters, power outages, or even regular maintenance, McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity keeps employees, customers, partners, and suppliers connected 24/7.  Enjoy the convenience of cloud-based, automatic rolling email storage, with no cumbersome backup procedures and no need to maintain your own storage facility. If your own email servers become unavailable, you can still use the secure, easy-to use web interface to send and receive messages, and manage quarantines and message stores just as you would in your normal live environment. Get a free IT assessment now.

Quikteks provides enterprise-level tech support for businesses in New Jersey. We provide exceptional on-site and off-site support at a small business price. Our IT services include:


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