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Tech Support

Tech support is the provision of assistance and advice to people who experience issues with their technology products or services. It can include resolving software or hardware problems, configuring settings, providing updates, and offering guidance on the use of the product or service.

In the context of managed IT services, tech support plays a critical role in ensuring that the IT infrastructure is functioning correctly and that users can effectively use the technology provided. Managed IT service providers often offer 24/7 tech support to ensure that clients can quickly resolve any issues that arise.

Tech support can be provided through various channels, such as phone, email, online chat, or remote access software. The delivery of tech support can also vary depending on the level of support required and the complexity of the issue. For example, some tech support issues can be resolved with simple guidance or remote assistance, while others may require more in-depth troubleshooting or on-site visits.

Overall, effective tech support is a crucial component of managed IT services as it helps ensure that clients can maximize the benefits of their technology investments and minimize downtime due to technical issues.

We have been using Quikteks as our IT support team for many years. They have always been responsive, polite, thorough and professional. Their techs are all personable and speak to us in language we can understand. I recommend them to any business owner that wants to spend time on his business and leave the IT to the pro's.

Daniel F

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