Fax Machines, Really?

With everything going digital, it’s hard to believe that fax machines are still in use, and that sales actually continue to increase every year. A fax server solution is much more efficient. Here are five ways it can save you money.

Why Do They Still Even Exist?

What boggles the mind is that new fax machines are still manufactured and sold; 5 million new units every year all over the world. The trend over time is for office equipment to become obsolete, smaller, or cheaper, yet fax machines are still bulky and expensive. Why not skip the expense and install a sleek new fax server solution; a small network device that sends document scans via software?

Skip the Dedicated Line

With a fax machine, if you don’t keep a dedicated line customers face the annoyance of a busy signal whenever a fax is sent or received. Installing and keeping a dedicated line is an expense that should be obsolete by now. A fax server solution ties right into your computer network, allowing you to skip dedicated lines -and that familiar screeching sound.

Skip the Toner

Ink toner used by fax machines is expensive. Manufacturers make it difficult to calculate exactly how much toner costs per ounce, but it’s probably more than single malt whiskey. Any measure you can take to go digital and reduce your office’s dependency on toner will save you money.

Save the Trees

While paper is not a precious commodity like ink toner, you can still save money – and the planet- with a fax server solution. A fax server solution will digitize faxes and allow you handle everything right from your inbox, eliminating the need for paper. Going paperless will not only be good for the environment but will also save you money.

Skip the Headache

Fax machines are a headache. Not only does somebody have to change the toner cartridge, add paper, and clear paper jams, but faxes have to be handled, delivered, organized, stored or shredded, which uses up time/money. A fax server solution digitizes faxes and allows you to store the fax on your network like any other file, saving your employees from the busy work of handling paper faxes.

It’s A No-Brainer

Saving your company money, increasing productivity, going green, and best of all: ditching the old fax machine that’s taking up space in your office! With all these benefits, getting a fax server solution is a no-brainer. To learn more about setting one up for your business, call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644.