Business technology today is a lot more complicated than just having a few desktop computers in the office. As well as your desktop infrastructure and email solution, there’s network management and security, and the necessity of keeping the diverse elements of your IT systems up to date. It can take up a lot of time – and that’s time you could be using to run your business, which is your primary goal. Business technology is a time-saver overall, but we believe you shouldn’t have to be torn between working on your business and dealing with your IT infrastructure.

There’s a way out of this dilemma. Many businesses today employ a third party to manage their technology, freeing up time to focus their energy on their business goals. It may not make sense at first. After all, why pay someone to manage your IT systems if you can do it yourself? In fact, managed IT can generate big savings for you in the long term – and you can bank on quality service provided by experienced IT professionals.

Think about it: how much time do you spend on tech management? How could you more profitably use that time to take your business forward? If you have an in-house IT department then you can be confident that your IT systems are running optimally and problems will be quickly attended to. The downside is that this is an expensive option. The cost of a managed service provider will be considerably less than your spend on salaries. Managed services are clearly a more cost-effective option.

Let’s clear up a misconception about managed IT. It doesn’t mean simply passing control of your IT to people you don’t even know. A professional managed service provider understands the importance of good relationships with business clients and the importance of trust. At Quikteks we are dedicated to transparency and cooperation, and to building productive partnerships. We aim to work together with you to implement proactive technology management to optimize your business operations.

A managed service provider offers these services for your business:

  • • IT security, including malware protection and firewall and intrusion prevention
  • • IT procurement, to assist in sourcing suitable hardware and software
  • • Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions
  • • Wireless networks
  • • Cloud services and storage solutions
  • • VoIP phones 8×8
  • • Virtualization
  • • Mobile office
  • • Desktop support
  • • Remote support
  • • Email support

We can help you make the most of today’s business technology. For information and advice on our managed services, or for a free network consultation, call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644.