Information technology is crucial in today’s businesses. However, IT procurement is a central part of business success. This means you need a provider that can deliver the value you need.

How Businesses Can Acquire the IT They Need

Business technology is made up of many different pieces, and they don’t all come from the same shop. Not only that, someone who understands your business tech needs has to select the right pieces for you. Let’s look at how two different business owners might go about procuring their necessary IT, starting with servers and network infrastructure.

Meet Bert and Ernie.

Servers and Networking: Google-It-Yourself

Bert’s business is expanding. He needs to scale his capabilities for the increased staff and workflows he is coming into; his single workstation isn’t going to cut it anymore. He’s going to need a network to support his operations.

Being a complete novice, Bert looks at online forums and tutorials to try to learn what needs to be done. It’s a steep learning curve, but he manages to patch together what he thinks will be an effective business network, with a server for most of his company’s storage needs.

Unfortunately, Bert misconfigured a few components along the way, and his network doesn’t quite work, leaving him unprepared for his expansion, after a lot of wasted time and effort.

Servers and Networking: Bring in the Professionals

Ernie is experiencing similar growth and realizes that his business is going to need a network for his increased operations. However, Ernie knows he’s not a computer tech, so he calls in a managed service provider.

The managed service provider is able to design and configure Ernie’s network to support his current operations and prepare it for expansion. Ernie lights a cigar, or orders a green tea latte. You get the picture.


Of course, both of our business owners will need to procure more computer workstations for their new employees to use.

Bert operates a rental service, so he needs his workstations to process orders, program the GPS locators on his vehicles, and perform general office tasks. He goes to the local big-box technology store and picks up a few computers, then finds out that they don’t have the processing power to support his GPS solution. Now he needs to have them upgraded at an additional cost.

Ernie is in retail, so he needs his workstations to support point of sale software. These workstations also need to be compatible with software and machines used to procure inventory. While Ernie runs his business, his managed service provider procures the right workstations for his needs. Ernie’s employees have the equipment they need, and business is booming.

Software as a Service

Equipment needs to have the right software solutions to run operations. How do you make sure you have the right software?

Bert needs to know which of his vehicles are available to send out. He buys an asset management software. Unfortunately, he forgets to update it, which leaves the software open to cyberattacks. Bert’s business is attacked by ransomware, leaving him paralyzed.

Because Ernie relies on a lot of software, his managed service provider advises him not to purchase it all outright. Instead, he licenses the necessary solutions via a software-as-a-service arrangement. Since the solution is maintained by the developer, he doesn’t have to worry about maintenance, and his anti-malware solution remains up to date.

Interested in Managed Services?

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