Cloud computing is potentially a great asset for businesses, but plenty of executives are still quite reluctant about moving data and operations to the cloud. It’s well known that cloud computing presents various security challenges, and the perception lingers that the cloud isn’t a good place to store sensitive information. This definitely was the case, but a lot of thought has gone into addressing the problems. Cloud computing security is improving all the time and cloud-based security services almost certainly offer benefits for your business.

Improved Authentication Features

Sometimes the only thing standing between a hacker and your data is a password. The weakness of a password-only system is well known, so two-factor authentication (2FA) is now used. This is something you’ll already be familiar with. An ATM card plus a pin number is one example. Even more secure is a password or pin as well as something only you have in your possession, like a cellphone. To complete a login, you have to enter a unique code sent to you by SMS. Cloud accounts can now be set up for unique users, allowing for 2FA and providing enhanced security.

Global Threat Intelligence

Region blocking has been a security measure, which identifies areas of the world that harbour hackers and simply blocking them. Global threat intelligence technology takes this one step further. Using big data analytics, and the huge reach of the cloud itself, anomalies in global traffic that could constitute a threat can be identified. This allows extra security and intrusion prevention measures, such as firewalls to be targeted more specifically. Cloud computing allows this to be done automatically, in real time.

Affordable Cloud-Based Security Tools

Every business is different and has unique cloud computing needs, which means the security measures required will also be variable. One of the reasons why cloud-based security has been stepped up and fine-tuned is because more and more business rely on mobile devices, which present their own security problems. Cloud providers often provide security solutions for networks and networked devices as part of the service, paid either as a monthly flat rate or with usage-based pricing.

Managed cloud-based security, outsourced to an external provider, can also free your staff from much of the grind of overseeing network security. With IT professionals maintaining your security, it gives you extra peace of mind that comes with the confidence that your system’s security is being expertly managed. Optimizing your security can be complex, since your network architecture has to be configured in the right way to ensure comprehensive protection.

Although some concerns about cloud security remain, it’s getting safer and more efficient all the time. Properly managed, cloud computing is a great business solution for many businesses, and cloud-based security management can be an affordable and time-saving strategy for protecting your networks.

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