Microsoft Office is the most utilized productivity suite in the world. One reason why is that they routinely update the applications with new and innovative features. Let’s talk about the biggest improvements Microsoft has made with Office 2019.

First, Office 2019 includes the following:

  • • Outlook
  • • Word
  • • Excel
  • • PowerPoint

Let’s look at what has changed in each of these applications.

Outlook 2019

Outlook is Microsoft’s personal information manager. Most people just use it for email, but it also offers a calendar, task and contact management, and more. Changes include:

  • One-click fixes for accessibility issues – Enhanced accessibility options have been updated to current international standards.
  • Focused inbox – Outlook has new tools to help you pull important emails out of the mass of useless ones in your inbox.
  • Outlook reads aloud to you – Outlook now offers a text to voice option that will read your emails to you.


Microsoft Word 2016 was the standard in word processing for several years, but now with Word 2019, we are starting to see more collaboration options. Some changes in Word 2019 include:

  • Real-time collaboration – Collaborate on documents in real-time.
  • Integrated translation – translate words, phrases, and sentences in many languages within Word.
  • Enhanced reading options – To avoid eyestrain, change page color, column width, text spacing, or even have Word read your document aloud.
  • Easier navigation – Flip through documents more quickly with side-by-side viewing.


Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office’s a spreadsheet program, has several new and interesting features:

  • New Kinds of Charts – Users can now create map charts, funnel charts, and more.
  • Precision selecting – Deselect cells that aren’t relevant to your query without having to start over.
  • New and improved connectors – New integrations allow Excel to be more useful to your organization’s analytics initiatives.


As if this industry-leading presentation software needed improvement, PowerPoint 2019 features these updates:

  • Zoom for PowerPoint – Allows custom navigation within a presentation, making it easier for the presenter.
  • SVG image compatibility – Insert and edit scalable vector graphics (SVG) images for clearer imagery.
  • Export to 4K – Export presentations to 4K format, even better than Ultra High Definition.

Other software

Some versions of Office 2019 come with the improved Microsoft Teams interface, SharePoint, and more. Microsoft Office 365 now also includes Office 2019.

OneNote remains part of the Microsoft Office platform, but Microsoft is starting to move OneNote out of the Office productivity suite, moving it into the Windows 10 platform instead.

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