Businesses have a lot of technology to manage. While some organizations have an in-house IT department, many small businesses don’t, so who takes care of it all?

Call a Break-Fix Repairman?

In the past, businesses would call break-fix IT management for all of their technical issues, but this wasn’t efficient.

Break-fix IT management is often a waste of resources, as it would mean business didn’t call for assistance until the technology was already in crisis. This would mean downtime while the issue was resolved, which added to the cost of the incident.

Recent trends in IT maintenance have given rise to a better way for small businesses to manage and maintain their technology.

Managed Care is Preventive Care

Preventative IT management provided by a managed service provider, or MSP, is the better alternative. This prevents downtime and its expenses. However, this kind of IT requires a team dedicated to making sure that your technology is operating correctly.

Outsourcing this responsibility to a managed service provider is a great option if you don’t have in-house IT. Some of the services offered by a managed service provider include:

• Server hosting • Cloud hosting and management • Data backup and disaster recovery • Email hosting • Network maintenance, monitoring, and management • Security monitoring and deployment • And more!

One-Stop Shopping

A managed service provider manages anything technology-related you want them to. From deploying a new software or hardware solution to setting up an email account, a managed service provider will be able to provide professional assistance with all your business’ technology issues.

A managed service provider can also provide more than just on-tap maintenance. With an MSP, you have trained, professional IT technicians who can advise you on network security, upgrade planning, and many other issues that can save you money in the long run, all for a reasonable fixed monthly rate.

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