When your company grows to 50 or more people, there are some IT network items you will need to address.

Map Out Your Network

Mapping networks for businesses is a little more involved than playing connect the dots on a restaurant placemat. There are several networking tools that are used to integrate auto network discovery with network mapping. Network mapping techniques like route analytics and simple network management protocol (SNMP) make it possible to visualize and understand the relationships between end devices and the transport layers that provide service.

Through this mapping process, computer components that slow down networks are identified. This process can also be used to discover if your hardware is underutilized; for example, you may have the hardware capability to virtualize your servers in order to reduce the amount of servers running on your network. Whatever the hardware needs of your network are, we can provide you with hardware solutions that will best fit the needs of your business while working around a price plan that you can afford–because fixing painful problems should not be painful to your budget.

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Focus on Users

An increase in the number of your staff is a sign of growth, but if you’ve doubled your workforce in the past year, your network might have trouble keeping up with the increased traffic. Furthermore, your security solution might be hard-pressed to protect data coming from twice as many access points. Planning for additional users can help you avoid slow network traffic and unsecured access points.

Focus on Devices

Since your last IT evaluation, your employees’ computing methods may have likely changed. For example, the average employee will be equipped with their own workstation, but they might bring other devices with them to the workplace, like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Imagine if every worker in your office brings in their personal device; can your outdated network deal with two or three times the estimated network traffic? Probably not. The best way to prepare for this in your office is to integrate a BYOD policy that helps to accommodate the mobile device trends of a modern workforce. Again, we can help you with this.

Focus on Customer Growth

As you leave the small-business category and enter the mid-size The kind of growth that all businesses want is the kind that makes them profits. Having more customers access your website or call your company with your VoIP solution can place heavy strain on your network, and if you’re a growing business, you’ll need all of the bandwidth you can get to keep up with all of the incoming traffic. What worked for a small business might not be enough for a medium-sized business, and missing out on sales opportunities would be a shame.

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