Technology has fundamentally altered the face of business. Cloud computing provides access to enterprise-level computing at small business cost, so now IT managed service providers can provide more value than simple repair-and-replace outfits could. Value is key in today’s competitive business world, and the managed IT services simply provide better value.

How IT Has Changed

In the past, the IT service industry was pretty homogenous. If something broke, you called a break/fix shop. However, today’s software partially automates the process, allowing a remote technician to identify and resolve technology issues preemptively. Businesses are now better able to avoid downtime and remain more effective.

Within the last 10 years, this approach to IT has taken over. By the end of 2019, this market is expected to reach $200 billion and is growing in North America, Europe, and Asia. ChannelE2E estimates the number of active IT service providers at 20,000. who work to maintain IT solutions for millions of businesses. Some of the largest IT companies now offer managed services.

Growth Within the Industry

Managed IT providers have benefited from the presumption that the hiring of a decent internal resource is more expensive. If a business adopts an outsourced service provider, it gets expert attention to its IT solutions, plus comprehensive access to more up-to-date technology, all at a fixed monthly rate.

Maximizing Your IT

North American and European companies are increasing their IT expenses this year by up to 30 percent in some sectors. Small and mid-sized businesses have been able to use the capital released by their managed service providers to upgrade further, and large organizations are minimizing their risk with security updates and upgrades.

Updating to the Cloud

Updates and upgrades drive IT growth and have caused managed service based IT providers to expand their offerings. Cloud computing is becoming standard for business communications, collaboration needs, hardware and software deployment, and many other purposes. Basically, if you can do it with a server, it can be done with a cloud-hosted virtual server. This shift has given today’s businesses much more flexibility.

Developing Technologies

IT companies like to assemble innovations into a service offering to catch the eye of an organization of any size. Since data is now recognized as a valuable commodity, methods of data collection, processing, and analysis have become a key offering. Ergo, IT support companies have recently started to offer services like data warehousing and business intelligence.

Managed IT service providers are now also aggressively including security services in their offerings, providing many threat solutions to the businesses that they protect. From user training and solutions monitoring to security information threat mitigation that leverages machine learning, today’s IT company can protect your company, and its organizational data, with extreme efficacy.

In addition, IT providers like Quikteks also help businesses with VoIP and tele- or/video conferencing solutions, software, and line-of-business applications, database management, email, and any other technology solution a business might need to stand up against competitors.

We’re in Your Corner

As new technologies emerge, the tasks of the IT company shift, but their purpose fundamentally remains the same: deliver the solutions and support that a business needs to be successful and productive. Implementing all this, the managed IT service provider will prove to be a valuable ally to have in your corner this year.

We’d be happy to support you in this capacity. Reach out to Quikteks at (973) 882-4644 to discuss your business tech needs today.