Cybercrime comes in many shapes and sizes, but most of them can be avoided through a few basic behavior changes. Here are a few tips to help you prevent attacks from being successful. We hope you share them with your team.

1. Don’t Just Click on Any Link

It’s almost automatic: see a link, click. Hackers know this and use it to their advantage.

Kind of like we just did there. Did you click on that link? What if it had downloaded malware?

See how easy it is to get hacked? To protect your security, make a habit of hovering your cursor over a link before clicking on it. Hovering the cursor will display the actual URL of your link somewhere on your screen. Always check links before clicking. Any word can be hyperlinked to any destination.

2. Use Access Controls

Make sure that someone who shouldn’t access your business’ files or location isn’t able to. Make sure you have data security measures in place to protect against the unauthorized access of your files, including any hard copies. Data security means locked doors and cabinets as well as encrypted files and strong passwords with multiply layers of authentication requirements.

3. Be Scam-Savvy

Teach your employees to recognize a scam. Cybercriminals send scam emails, referred to as “phishing” attacks, to manipulate people into giving up information. Fake links, scare tactics, fake reminders from companies we all do business with; scammers are endlessly inventive. Some phishing attacks are designed to trick a particular person, while others are more generic and are sent to thousands, hoping a few suckers will bite.

Make sure your team knows the signs and knows to double-check requests through a different communication method.

4. Two-Ply Protections

Layer your defenses against cyberthreats with an updated antivirus solution. Access the internet with a virtual private network, and activate all onboard protections that your devices offer. To protect your business from cybercrime you have to be very thorough.

We can help you with all this. For answers to any technology questions, or help with implementation, call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644.