Hundreds of wireless networks are installed by businesses and households every day.  After installation, most users do not put aside the time to make sure their new wireless network is properly secured. This is because many do not understand the risk of having an open wireless network. Having an open wireless network is a surefire way to set you, your business, or both up for problems in the future. Here are three reasons why securing your wireless network is vital to both home and business endeavors:

First, a secure wireless network helps shield you from information theft. When you are operating on an open wireless network, any information that passes over the air can be obtained by any person using a particular kind of hacking software. If this were to occur, any information you submit online (credit card information, pin numbers, passwords etc.) on your computer could be read by a hacker. This means your personal information could fall into the wrong hands. This issue becomes magnified if your business’s information falls into the wrong hands. Securing your wireless connection for your home or business can help prevent hackers from obtaining your information.

Next, a secure network helps eliminate unwarranted connection abuse.  An open wireless network grants free Internet access to anyone within a certain radius of your home or business. Many wireless network owners don’t consider this to be a substantial concern. However, suppose a stranger was using your Internet to perform something illegal. Their actions could be traced back to your network and as a result, you could be held responsible for something you had no part of. Is this a rare occurrence? Sure. But why take the risk? Secure your wireless network to block unknown users from gaining access to your Wi-Fi.

Lastly, a secure wireless connection offers a faster, smoother way for you to browse the Web.  An open wireless network that lets anyone “borrow” your Internet will only lead to slower Internet for you. Slower Internet means a longer Web loading time. Anyone who has been stuck sitting in front of a computer for what seems like hours waiting for a website to load knows that it’s extremely frustrating. Avoid frustration altogether by creating a secure network. Creating a password and username lets you control who can and cannot use your Internet. 

Wireless networks possess a number of advantages to both households and businesses. It creates an easier installation process, less need for tech support, and a neater work space by eliminating the need for cables and wires. While many realize the advantages to a wireless network, they still do not understand the risks that accompany it. Unsecured connections can increase the chance of information theft, connection abuse and slower Internet. For a home, these threats are worrisome; for a business, these threats can be catastrophic.

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