3 Ways to Resolve a Tech Issue for Your Employee

Some employees never seem to have a tech issue using the computer at work. But you might know one who’s always experiencing problems and glitches. They might keep getting an error that doesn’t bother anyone else, or they can’t set up something that everyone else managed to do easily. This can be a waste of productive business time and a distraction for managers. So what’s the way forward? Here are three options.

#1. Let them fix it

Computers are a part of all of our lives, and figuring out how to deal with glitches is part of that for everyone, right? You could try this option but, for employees who aren’t tech-minded, let alone in possession of PC repair skills, it’s not such a smart idea for them to be their own technical support. First of all, it’s a time-waster. Some staff will google the problem and discover YouTube how-to clips, but that’s not really their job. Also, if they don’t know what they’re doing then they could make matters a whole lot worse.

Your employees were hired to carry out the tasks your business needs to be done. Staff wrestling with hardware and software isn’t central to your mission. The time spent trying to figure out what’s going on with their computer is time that could be spent on being productive and generating revenue.

#2. Call Technical Support

Many software programs and items of hardware have associated technical support services. So why not call them? It’s what they’re there for, right? Well, yes, this is a better option than trying to figure out what’s wrong all by themselves, but it’s not ideal. It will still take time, and your employee might not even properly understand, or be able to effectively communicate, what the problem is to the tech support provider. These services aren’t necessarily free either, so it could be a way to inflate your tech spend with large bills.

If you think about it, what are standard tech support services designed to do? Their primary goal isn’t to help you with your costs. Tech support helpdesks and hotlines typically make their money by charging fees for their expertise. Businesses end up paying significant prices for the service because they don’t realise there are other solutions.

#3. Call Quikteks

Quikteks offers a win-win solution. Our helpdesk support is there for your staff to reach out to when computer problems and technical glitches are holding up their work. There are no surprise bills and you can focus on your number one priority: running and growing your business.

Along with our helpdesk support we offer a proactive solution. Our remote monitoring and maintenance service means that your computers are looked after all down the line, minimizing the possibility of tech issues arising in the first place. This means you can protect your bottom line and let your staff get on with what they’re good at – and what they’re paid for! For help and advice, contact Quikteks today at (973) 882-4644.