Do you know what device was invented in 1892 that changed the face of offices around the world? The file cabinet. Offices have changed a lot since then, but we’re still stuffing pieces of paper into these clunkers.

You Can Do Better

File cabinets and fax machines both revolutionized their time, but now that we’re living in the next millennium, we can do better. Yet, how many modern offices contain a fax machine that feeds paper into file cabinets?

Time is Money

Handling files digitally is much more efficient. Sending a fax averages 30 seconds per page. How much time does it take to physically file and retrieve papers, digging through the file cabinet, grinding out faxes, moving old documents to storage boxes? Office employees can spend as much as 90% of their time doing these outdated tasks! And time is money.

Better Living Through the Digital Revolution

More than just a waste of time, relying on paper can be limiting. If you’re offsite and need a copy of an important document, if it’s stored digitally, you can grab it off the cloud or the fax server with your laptop. If it’s buried deep in a file cabinet at your office, having someone fax or scan and email it is more time-consuming.

Streamline It

Having your business go paperless frees up employees to make more money. Ditch the fax machine and file cabinet, and even save some trees! And it’s easier to back up your data when it’s digital. Will copiers soon be a thing of the past?

We’ll Set You Up

A fax server solution from Quikteks lets you send and receive digital faxes as PDF files by email. You can also store your company’s files on the cloud, which allows your staff to access any file, on any device, from anywhere.

To equip your office with technology from this century, give Quikteks a call at (973) 882-4644. We’ll set you up.