Accenture recently released its Technology Vision 2016 report. This year, the overarching theme is one of “digital culture shock.”

According to the report, “Some companies are finding the accelerated pace of technology change overwhelming, leading them into a state of digital culture shock.” Accenture found that the world economy is 22 percent digital and projects that it will increase to 25 percent by 2020. The report talks about a “digital evolution” consisting of an accelerated rate and expanding scale of change, new work processes, new models for collaboration, heightened customer expectations and increased digital interactions, and surging flows of data that will need to be accessed and managed.

Andrew Rich, owner and CEO of Quikteks, agreed that technology is going to continue to change. “You have to be ready for it, you have to embrace it, and you have to help your team do the same.”

While many younger workers are accustomed to ever-changing technologies, even they can become set in their ways, making it important for established companies and startups alike to be proactive about managing technology and change regardless of their employee demographics. Rich suggested a few ways companies can overcome digital culture shock:

  • • Get input from employees. This doesn’t mean buying hardware and software by committee, but rather spending time with employees and understanding what challenges they have that could be solved with technology.
  • • Discuss the benefits of any technology change. When your employees understand how they’ll benefit from the change, they’ll be more likely to embrace it.
  • • Provide both training and ongoing technical support. For example, if you set up your mobile workers with remote access to your systems, collaboration tools, and software, they’re going to need to understand how to get along in their new virtual environment as well as where to get help should they need it.

In its report, Accenture identified four pillars of a successful digital culture:Data driven, built for change, embrace disruption, and digital trust awareness. “The report also highlighted the importance of putting people first,” Rich explained. “Having a good tech support team, such as Quikteks, to help you with technology, data, change management, tech support, and security allows you to focus on building a culture that embraces change and conquers digital challenges.”

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