No matter what size your business is, remote monitoring and management software (RMM) can be a game-changer. RMM is a key part of how managed IT services are provided. So let’s take a look at how it benefits the service provider and you, the customer.

About Remote Monitoring and Management Software

As the name says, RMM software allows us to manage a client’s systems and IT infrastructure remotely. It involves installing a small software application, that’s known as an agent, into the client’s IT system. This allows to keep a close watch on an organization’s business technology to make sure it’s functioning properly and optimally. If we identify an issue then it can be fixed without interrupting your operations. Often we can even get on top of problems before you even know that something’s wrong.

What RMM Software Does For Us

For us to keep your system running smoothly we need to know about how your IT systems are working. RMM software helps us in a range of ways:

  • • It collects data about your systems and the health and status of your devices automatically.
  • • It makes the process of updating and proactively protecting your IT infrastructure much easier.
  • • We can provide managed IT services without having to spend time traveling to your premises.
  • • IT issues can be mitigated and resolved concurrently.

What does this mean for businesses? It’s simply that what’s good for us translates into benefits for you. Here are some of the ways this works:

  • • Having comprehensive information on how your network is functioning allows us to be more effective at understanding and caring for your systems.
  • • We can make easily ensure that updates and other protections are proactively applied, so your system is more secure.
  • • Without us needing to travel, issues can be fixed more quickly.
  • • Because we can simultaneously resolve tasks across your infrastructure, which means better, faster results.
  • • We can pick up and fix issues faster, before you end up with a larger problem.

Do you want to learn more about RMM or managed IT services? Reach out to the team at Quikteks. Our IT professionals can assess your needs and recommend the best IT solutions for your organization. To get started, give us a call at (973) 882-4644.